DarkDIRE: Update History

DarkDIRE: Update History

Update History:

DarkDIRE Version 1.92 thru 1.99 The Dagger From The Next Dimension (All of 2023)

*Adding mechanics to support a 3D version of DarkDIRE:

*Land elevation mechanics.
*Climbing and falling.
*Support characters facing 360 degrees. (Not noticeable in the 2d version)
*If your playing a character that can fly, double tap forward (like your are jumping) to fly up a foot. Double tap back to fly down a foot. If you stop flying in mid-air you may fall to your death.
*NPCs can now spawn flying high in the air. They will appear as shadows on the ground.
*Siege hammer can now lower ground elevation when striking dirt. Using dirt on already existing dirt will raise the elevation of the ground.

*A new hint system.
*The Empyreans of Tartarus will now be seen invading the lands. The Empyreans are from another plane of existance and have a different culture than the current nations of the game. They have a unique character skill system with 5 unique classes.

Gallant (Strength-Based Damage Class)
Duellist (Dexterity-Based Damage Class)
Shield-Bearer (Tank Class)
Seer (Magic Class)
Oracle (Healing Class)

*Added a new quest line in Swampstone focusing on the Empyreans.
*The game expanded to many new types of Aleya Wisps (one for each damage type) as originally intended.
*Menu text updated.
*Chat bubbles will use different fonts of text depending on the language being spoken.
*Windows client will now be 64-bit (Requires a 64-bit OS).
*Adding different skin colors for races.
*NPC Appearance will always spawn the same.
*Bug fix with boats.
*Reproducing livestock.
*New AI mode that makes character move and talk more. Currently only two characters are in the game using it, Aden the Guard Command and Crazy Pete just outside of the City Clerk's Office in Swampstone.
*Added some insects: butterflys, dragonflys and bees. Butterfly spawn in nature biomes. Dragonflys spawn in swampy biomes. Bees are rare (they like roses).
*Certifcates of Pardon are now a thing. This item can be used to be pardoned of your crimes.
*A magic reflecting effect can be added to shields. Time your block just right and you can reflect direct damage spells back at the caster. Doesn't work with AOE spells.

DarkDIRE Version 1.90 The Five Soul-Oath Blades (September 2022)

*No reputation enforcement in enemy nations....
*No reputation enforcement by hirelings...
*Trees will now appear as stone blocks when using the phase dagger. (Making your path much clearer.)
*Sword in the Stone (in Blackshield Keep) and Baals' Rising Alter ( in Crystal Sea) will work properly when Protect Premade Cities is switched on.
*God-Level Weapons (like Excalibur and Recalibur) will now properly damage players when used by NPCs.

DarkDIRE Version 1.89.259 The Five Soul-Oath Blades (August 2022)

*This version is to support the upcoming Greencastle Expansion Pack. Greencastle will be in a Rank 6 zone, so have a character leveled up and ready =) Current release date is 8/15 but may change.
*Dead characters will now display missing body parts. (Per Player Request)
*Oracles will spawn randomly in the world, they will grant buffs.
*New Admin command to change time: for example "-AC Time:1200" will change the time to 12 o'clock pm.
*New oracle can be found in Blackshield Keep. It is quest based so won't buff like the above mentioned oracles.
*Three new randomly spawning maps added. They have a chance to appear in procedural generated kingdoms.
*Human males and females both get a new face graphic for player and NPC characters.
*Many bug fixes.

DarkDIRE Version 1.86.256 The Five Soul-Oath Blades (April 2022)

*Display FPS option for players.
*Now Local Coop play with friendly NPCs.
*Added conjured soul blades and soul-oath blades. They are all a type of Tachi, a swordmastery weapon.
*Fixed a home respawning bug.
*Fixed home door locking/unlocking bug.
*Added a few administrator command shortcuts through chat:
1>teleport target to home: -AC Home
2>teleport target to Admin Castle: -AC Castle
3>display current server population data: -AC Population
4>display current server performance: -AC Performance

DarkDIRE Version 1.80 The Dominion Blade (October 2021)

*There seems to be some elite snobbery growing in DarkDIRE. Now every character will have a reputation level. If a character goes into an area higher than their reputation, they will be refused service by merchants and guards will aggressively try to remove them. Improve your reputation by changing classes, not being in combat mode, wearing fancy clothes, cleaning yourself up, and increasing your fame by finishing quests. Theses are the reputation levels: Vagrant(0), Commoner(100), Upper Class/Citizen(250), Noble(500), Elite Noble (1000+).
*Some merchants have decided that players should not stay in their stores after they close. They will now throw out the player and lock their doors when they close. The store will reopen in the morning (and after the NPC Spawns.)
*Ships can now be boarded and used to sail the world. Defeat the ship's captain and take the ship key to take control of a ship. They can also be converted into airships, but this will require a balloon, airship steam engine, water tank, and airship furnace to be installed on the ship. (This feature added from player's feedback)
*Merchants are now selling packs for horses. Once a pack is placed on your horse, it will be able to carry a large number of items. The horse must be in the "mount slot" in your inventory. Horses cannot wear packs and armor at the same time. (This feature added from player's feedback)
*Vault deposit screen will scroll your inventory if you select items on the edge of the screen allowing you to reach all of your items. (This feature added from player's feedback)
*Servers now have the option for a shutdown time. This is to allow the raspberry pi server to restart daily.
*The people of DarkDIRE decided it would make more sense if sleeves were attached to shirts and jackets. The sleeve slots are now designed for underlayers instead.
*Added a new quest type "Leave Item at Location" for future content expansions.
*Wand of Digging can now be rarely found in dungeons. They do both magical and physical siege damage to buildings. Requires wizardry or sorcery, depending on the particular wand.
*If a player dies in a perma-death zone, another player can take the body part that the dead player drops to a healing store in a non perma-death area and have that player resurrected the next time they log in. (This feature added from player's feedback)
*BUG FIX: Using stair cases will no longer randomly return the player back to the previous level.
*The spinning wait icon has been replaced with these:
1> Lamp Icon: Client is still downloading the world around the character.
2> Lamp Icon with Lighting Bolt: Client just received alot of data from the server.
3> Lamp Icon with Red X: (Admin Only) The server is under alot of load and is taking action to correct.
4> Lamp Icon with Yellow Excalmation: (Admin Only) The server is under above average load and is taking action to correct.
5> Lamp Icon with Green Check: (Admin Only) The server is again running well and all background tasks are running again.

DarkDIRE Version 1.70 The Dominion Blade (August 2021)

*Added new monsters: Giant Floating Eyeballs, and Floating Eyeballs. Also these monsters will always be a good target to hit with a dominion blade.
*Added new monsters: Non Giant versions of Snakes, scorpions, and spiders.
*Added racial powers for some monsters: Dragons will now have dragons breath (AOE Cloud). Snakes, scorpions, and spiders will each have a unique poison power. Eyeballs have a stun power.
*Lowered casting time progression: Spells/Powers will now hit 1 second cast at for level 10 spells at 300% skill instead of 450% skill.
*Spell Balancing: "All-Skill" Spell Buff Rank 10 was +5 is now +20.
*Spell Balancing: "Single Skill" Spell Bonus Rank 10 was + 10 is now +30.
*Item Effect Balancing: Jewelry Base Stat Bonus was +5 is now + 10.
*Casting buffs on items now only requires the spell to be cast on one item for full effect.
*Wielding a dominion blade will now allow you to rarely increase your dominion even when you have not achieved immortality.
*All Elementalist's AOE spell is now targetable, and they now have a 5th power "Cloud AOEs" that require action points to cast.
*More improvements on how server handles NPC spawning and AI.
*New "fancy" clothing for all nations.
*All trees (except cave roots) will now sway in the wind. Some trees had to be redrawn. (Tree sway only if the wind is blowing. This changes randomly at midnight. Admins can now use "-AdministratorCommand 14:2" or "-AC 14:2" in chat to make the wind blow immediately if it isn't)
*Removed some of the extra text when building a new world.
*Anda will now give you a lamp if you pick dungeon in her first quest.
*Added "DarkDIRE" name to startup screen and rearranged some text there.
*Added information to character sheet: Explains young characters receive a decrease in stats until they reach 17 years of age.
*Added description on lowering which stat will raise another in training screen.
*Fixed a rare bug with display.cfg having garbage data.
*Wisp dust particles will now properly appear around wisp trees and not desert trees.
*Notice flags will now always display in red when it is a debuff.
*Merchants now will randomly sale satchels (new item) and backpacks.
*Chat from quest conversations will now also appear as chat bubbles.
*Admin map updated with crafting boss NPCs.
*Doors on walls running north and should should now line up with the walls of the building.
*Added give gift feature allowing you to give gifts to other characters/NPCs.
*NPCs now know how to use healing potions.
*Healing magics words can be used with wizardry/sorcery if you have the healing skill.
*When "Protect Premade Cities" is on, NPCs will respawn slower but will reset immediately when player number reaches zero.
*NPCs caster's casting level will now properly match their rank.
*BUG FIX: Screen setup will now reset when changing characters.
*Sailing ships will now appear at least once on every northern shore, per player feedback.
*Added crafting satchels to hold crafting and world building items, per player feedback.
*New neutral nation safe mode when changing areas or logging in, per player feedback.
*Corrected several grammar mistakes, per player feedback.
*Fixed bug causing characters weapons disappearing when moving, per player feedback.
*Added buttons to the store selling screen to allow scrolling through your inventory, per player feedback.
*Stores will now auto junk ruined items that it buys, per player feedback.
*Added a "Sell All Ruined Items" button in the selling screen, per player feedback.
*Added a "Take All Items From Ground" in the looting screen, per player feedback.
*Edit the server.cfg file for these new settings (all from player feedback):
1> Overworld Permadeath?
2> Dungeon Permadeath?
3> Universal PVE to allow PVE players to buff each other even when enemies...
*New black colored heavy armor for the Dark Clan (For future content but may spawn on random dark clan warriors)
*New epic sword and scabbard, "Honor of the Lady" templar sword and scabbard. (For future content)
*New world objects that will buff an item when dropped on it. (For future content)
*New "Tunnel" world objects. (For future content)
*Items on the ground can be "For Sale" in a store close to the object (for future content).
*Administrator World Building mode improvements. (For creating future content ;) )

DarkDIRE Version 1.60 The Dominion Blade (June 2021)

A Notice Flag will now notify players of new buffs, new debuffs, expired buffs, expired debuffs, group chat and tells. This can be turned off in the display settings if you choose.
New hireable NPCs will ocassionally spawn close to hireling boards.
Chat bubbles will now appear over characters when they speak. This can be turned off in the display settings if you choose.
Character names can now be randomly generated if the player wishes during character creation.
A new type of magic gem have been found in the world that will increase a character's dominion magic and fill wizardy and sorcery bars. These will rarely spawn in chests.
Click the world on the Administor world building screen to build faster.
Added a remove world object button on Administrators world building screen.
The correct biome will now be displayed across a kingdom's border.
Union Port will now be part of the sea coast and not inside it to prepare for future updates on this city.

DarkDIRE Version 1.58 The Dominion Blade (May 2021)

Fixed a bug causing randomly generated seashores to not build in the correct directions.
Better syncing of melee timers with server.
Fixed a bug: Updates to the world map causing lag on client.
Kingdoms with alot of NPCS (aka Swampstone) should spawn NPCs faster.

DarkDIRE Version 1.56 The Dominion Blade (April 2021)

Characters with fully trained jumping skill will complete a jump instantly as originally intended.
Characters will face the correct direction after jumping.
Desktop version have a button at startup to switch between full and windowed view.
Fixed a bug labeling all character on a admin account as admins.

DarkDIRE Version 1.54 The Dominion Blade (February 2021)

Server administrators have the option to allow players to upload local characters to their server.
To make traveling the world easier, all randomly built ruling castles that are friendly to trade union merchants will have a traveling post.
Fixed spell economy changing too fast, making it seem spell power didn't increase with training.
Using skill powers that use magic may slowly increase one of the character's magic dominions.
Changed the buttons for controlling Titan Crystal to words.
Removed the period after the question mark on the full inventory message.
"Adventurers Guild" is now "Adventurer's Guild."
Backpacks are now no drop on death. Sorry previously made backpacks before this version are still drop on death.
Compass will now properly point to your last death point when you [USE] your compass.
Increased NPC's the drop rate of marks and skill books from 5% to 10%.
Mounts will now be displayed at the correct depth.
Scrolls that spawn next to donation boxes will now be displayed at the correct depth.
Shops will now give you full items descriptions on items you are selling.
Fixed text overs from blinking when power buttons are on timer.
Large objects like trees will fade so players can see inside of rooms.
The elven race starting house will no longer be plagued with zombies at night.
Fixed bodyfat storage display incorrectly when the number should be zero.
Removed "Leave World" option from Mac version, it may cause a crash. Mac users will only be able to "End World".

DarkDIRE Version 1.52 The Dominion Blade (January 2021)

*Titan Crystals will be more simple to use. (per player feedback)
*Double tap jumping. (per player feedback)
*Coin will now always stack when picked up. (per player feedback)
*When dropping coin, you will be asked how much. (per player feedback)
*Coins can be deposited into banks as an amount or an item. (per player feedback)
*Horses will now always take the last inventory spot. If an item is already there, that item will be moved. (per player feedback)
*Open Bags, crates and barrels can be duplicated with the correct workshop. (per player feedback)
*Prince/Princess that spawn with your love's name will be the same race as the player. (per player feedback)
*Fixed XP Reward amount for the Wastelands Quest. (per player feedback)
*Fix scrolls from being used up when casting a spell when the use actually fails. (per player feedback)
*Kingdom rulers can turn on/off if their kingdom appears is in the list of cities available for travel at traveling posts. (per player feedback)
*Kingdom rulers can now make documents allowing others to travel to their kingdoms for free with traveling posts. (per player feedback)
*Fixed a bug with reusing arrows picked up from the ground. (per player feedback)
*Projectiles should terminate at the correct locations. (per player feedback)
*Scrying added to crystal balls.

DarkDIRE Version 1.50 The Dominion Blade (December 2020)

*Temple of the Prior now has a fifth power: Seraphim Transformation.
*Added Sphere Magic, the magic that immortals/gods use. Immortals can use certain words to cast spells without the use of wizardry or sorcery.
*Linked all magic words to a magical sphere.
*Better client/server sync for NPC movement and this has adjusted NPC movement speeds.
*New shape-shifting spell "HEP."
*Added Attics, allows buildings to have an upper level.
*God-Like-Beings may be of the Seraphim race or Djinn race depending on their starting skills.
*A new resource, God's Blood, when added to a weapon allows the wielder to steal other NPC/players sphere magic.
*DarkDIRE Console Based server can now be set to output less text.
*NPCs when parried/blocked/evaded will be off-balance for a short time and will not be able to jump.
*The City of Blackshield Keep is now a hybrid premade/generated city.
*Added the last two crafting bosses to the world. A Fletching and Gem Cutting bosses can both be found in Blackshield Keep.
*Fixed a bug causing dungeons not to load.
*Raids will now move around the continent and will be visible on the map.

DarkDIRE Version 1.40 Sword of the New King (September 2020)

*Characters that gain immortality will be able to learn extra skills.
*Added a few new building graphics styles.
*Added and changed some of the music in-game.
*NPCs will now drop (5% chance) skill books or runes base on their class.   Example:  Kill wizards NPC to get wizard skill books and intelligence runes. (Per Player Feedback)
*Added randomly generated map, Circle of Class, this will spawn a lot of the same class NPCs to help with finding skill books and runes of a certain type. (Per Player Feedback)
*Spell Economy now works.
*Only one type of each power crystal will spawn in the world. Weapons with bite/exposing/bound effects can change the level of the spell economy of the world when hitting these crystals.
*Added minor power crystals, they will allow players to see current spell economy levels.
*Administrators Only: Admin accounts will now have a couple more race options during character creation including one very overpowered race.
*Added code to better sync the timers between client and server.
*Improved Melee timers.
*When building contestable random generated kingdoms, the generator will now attempt to add skill training areas. (Per Player Feedback)
*Fixed some bugs/play issues with werewolf werebears and wererats.
*Bug Fix: Coaches not offering all traveling locations.
*Bug Fix: Limited how much gold and be spawned at one time with Admin Commands. (Per Player Feedback)
*Bug Fix: Limited how much XP can be granted with Admin Commands.
*Bug Fix: Corrected the description of Lightning Elementalist Storm Spell. (Per Player Feedback)
*Bug Fix: When changing characters, there was an issue with the client syncing character data with the server. (Per Player Feedback)

DarkDIRE Version 1.36 Sword of the New King (April 2020)

*Added new animation for melee attack is not ready.
*Can now leave world and switch characters without restarting.
*Optimized NPC Spawning and NPC AI.
*Fixed bug that prevented moving onscreen buttons with right click.
*Fixed a rare bug that would cause a issue with finishing quests.
*Fixed an issue with weapon timer when using siege damage.

DarkDIRE Version 1.35 Sword of the New King (April 2020)

*The random world generator has been revamped. The world is now generated on three separate levels:

*Passable borders for kingdoms. You will now be able to see and travel into the next kingdom anywhere along the border. Premade cities will maintain their solid borders since they were designed for this.
*Trees have grown quite a bit. Trees around your character will fade to help you see thru them.
*Jumping Skill has been implemented. Train up your jumping skill to allow not only jumping past pits and water but also combat jumps. NPCs will also be using these combat jumps so beware.
*New characters can now select a defensive skill (Parrying, Blocking, Evasion) along with the normal skill choices during character creation.
*New characters now must enter more role-playing information in character creation.
*PERMADEATH and HUNGER has been changed. Permadeath and hunger are now always active in dungeons!
*Experienced players can now pick PERMADEATH roguelike start for new characters. This will place the character on a forgotten and unfriendly island in the sea. There will be a few starting items and a dungeon entrance for the character to explore. Good luck!
*Ships will allow your character to teleport long distances by sea. This is also how your character can reach islands in the sea that aren't attached to the main continent.
*Auto Zoom: The world will autozoom when inside a building or in an area that has a lot of buildings.
*Combat Zoom: The world will zoom in when in combat. Autozoom and combat zoom can be adjusted in the display menu (Press F7).
*Larger view of the world so more tiles can be seen on the screen. You can use the zoom feature in the display settings to zoom back the older zoom if you don't like this larger view.
*NPCs will now spawn and aggro at a greater distance from the player and lower rank NPC movement speeds have been increased.
*Improve pathfinding for NPCs.
*Per Player Feedback: Change movement from arrow keys to WASD keys. Key settings can be customized if you don't like this change.
*Now get invites for online servers by just pushing the "Get Invite" button on the server selection screen.
*Melee timer has been added to show the player when they can attack again. Two-handed weapons will be slow but deal high damage, while lighter weapons will be fast but deal less damage.
*Per Player Feedback: Vampires will now carry Bottles of Vampire Blood which can be used by the player to get the curse of vampirism or if used by vampires as a healing potion.
*Werewolves, wererats, and werebears will now drop bloody meat that can be eaten to get this curse as well.
*Administrators can now make skill-books with admin commands.
*Items dropped on the ground will now disappear faster in premade cities.
*Per Player Feedback: Added job board and coin exchange in Grifmae Valley's Trade Union outpost.
*Add a new store "Bookstore" which will mostly sell skill-books. Libraries will still give away free skill-books.
*"Administrator World Building" screen has been updated.
*BUGFIX: Characters with a crime will lose the class Criminal when returning to legal status.
*BUGFIX: adding too much gold to a city will no longer flip it into the negative numbers.
*BUGFIX: Was unable to destroy trees or other nature owned objects in premade cites when City Protection is active.




DarkDIRE Version 1.33 Silver Sword (September 2019)

*Slight variety in world object/world terrain coloring. This can be turned off in display settings.
*Non TV versions will now use system text entering box.
*Released DarkDIRE on itch.io with Windows/Linux/Mac versions.
*NPCs can now be scripted to have conversations with each other when they met.
*NPCs can now be scripted to perform a certain action when reaching a certain point in the world. Example: A summoner could summon a monster to attack the town.
*NPCs can now be created to have two different movement types depending on the time of day.
*Replace the swaying motion of some world objects with a vibe action.
*New world object Listening Stones: they will trigger a door to open when it hears the correct word in the correct language.
*The northeast section of Swampstone will get new content around the ruins and graveyard. Requires a world rebuild if upgrading from older versions.
*Anda gets a new quest line that will feature some of the new NPC scripting listed above. Requires a world rebuild if upgrading from older versions.
*Anda will now move south of the town at night and help fight zombies.
*Gold awards for Aleya Arenas will be greatly increased.
*Aleya Command Rune: "Rune of Healing" will now work properly.
*Fixed an issue with "Rital of the Wight" caused by client/server spell sync issues.
*Lowered the recast for "Voodoo Charm" monster charm, "Call of the Wild" animal charm, and "Deceptive Art" charm human spells.
*Added more motion to the current "running while onguard" animations.
*Added different "running while onguard" animations when a character is below 50% health.
*Lycanthropy Improvements:

Added Wererats and Werebears.


Horrible rats will now spread rat lycanthropy.
Horrible bears will now spread bear lycanthropy.
Horrible wolves will continue to spread wolf lycanthropy.
Players now infected with lycanthropy will now have a new hybrid humanoid animal form that can be activated anytime with the "Wereform" power:

Werewolf Humanoid Form:
-Does slashing damage.
-Has slash damage shield.
-Racial stamina bonus.
-Racial stamina recovery bonus.
-Racial attack bonus.
-Racial damage bonus.
-Strength buff.
-Health and stamina heal when taking form.

Wererat Humanoid Form:
-Does piercing damage
-Has pierce damage shield.
-Racial stamina bonus.
-Racial stamina recovery bonus.
-Racial defense bonus.
-Racial damage bonus.
-Dexterity buff.
-Health and stamina heal when taking form.

Werebear Humanoid Form:
-Does slashing damage.
-Has slash damage shield.
-Racial Health bonus.
-Racial Health Recovery bonus.
-Racial damage bonus.
-Racial physical resists bonus.
-Constitution buff.
-Health and stamina heal when taking form.

*Added new food: "Wolfsbane"
-Makes players not infected with lycanthropy immune to lycanthropy.
-Players already with lycanthropy when eaten in wereform will be poisoned.
-Players already with lycanthropy when eaten in non-wereform will no long automatically turn into an animal at night.

*Silver weapons will now do large amounts of extra damage to anyone infected with lycanthropy.

DarkDIRE 1.29.172 Jousting Lance (April/May 2019)

*To survive you must now find food and eat:

*Game Content Updates, if released, will now be much smaller in size.
*Added new Pyramid-like world objects.
*Map Files and Quest Files now can place specfic items in world containers (Bookcases, chests, cupboards, desks, etc).
*Map Files and Quest Files now can place specfic items in NPC's inventorys.
*Added a new quest with Anda to find an object in a cupboard.
*1 of the 12 Coat of Arms can now be added to horse's/unicorn's armor.
*Text size/horizontal text spacing can now be adjusted in the display menu when in desktop mode (F7 Key on Steam Version).
*Premade Cities will now remember chest contents when the "Protect Premade Cities" feature is on.
*Exorcist Balm will now be correctly labeled as being in a jar instead of a potion.
*Fixed a bug with some food effect's duration being too short.
*Fixed a bug with some items/traps appearing inside solid objects.
*Right-click movement will now stop casting as orginally intended.
*Adjusted NPC casting times.
*The edge of kingdoms will no longer completely cover everything else displayed on the screen.
*Area of Effect Spell Explosions will display properly again.
*New animations added: Character movement with weapon drawn.
*Some resources names have been swapped so leather is always applied to armors. These are the changes:
*Can no longer take quest bodyguards out of the kingdom. Which they only attack quest enemies anyway so there was no point in them leaving the kingdom where the quest was active.
*Added a flag to character files to help detect if they are corrupted. If corrupted, the game will load a backup file of the same character. The game keeps up to 4 backup copies of all characters.
*Startup screen background dragon updated for the new Jousting Lance version.

DarkDIRE 1.25.166 The Druid's Staff (March 2019)

*Cooking Added:

*Sword of Torn Questline:
*Expanded NPC pathfinding for future content development.
*Added shaking effect to some world objects when they are used.
*Improved the "Protect Premade Cities Mode".
*Added drums sound effect for drums of war before and during a raid.
*Added arrowhead crafting to the crafting screens.
*All procedurally generated kingdoms will now have areas rich of crafting resources. These areas can be found by using a compass.
*Added 9 new procedurally generated kingdoms that can be reached thru travelings posts. These kingdoms can be used to find crafting resources.
*Character attack points and defend points (Some skills use these at higher levels) have been combined into just attack points.

DarkDIRE 1.23.163 The Druid's Staff (February 2019)

*Added Raids, an aggressive spawn of enemy NPCs. Raids may start with events (10% chance). Raids will always start when activating a rebirth crystal.
*Changed color of the water in undead lands so it wouldn't blend so much with everything else.
*Redistribution and some renaming of crafting resources to make finding crafting resources easier.

*There is a new book to help treasure hunters find the seals they need. It will spawn randomly in bookcases. The book is named "Treasure Hunters Guide".
*Fixed a bug with building world objects in your kingdom.
*After claiming a kingdom all world objects will automatically transfer over to the new ruling nation except for natural resources, that will remain with nature.
*NPCs using the resting emote will now also gain the same penalties as a player has while resting.
*Traveling posts are no longer limited to the closest 5 kingdoms. They now allow travel to all known locations, enemy or friendly.
*Kingdoms accessed through passports will now have a siege castle for the attacker base of operations (and a loot source for the player).
*Changed some item spawning to better increase the chance of better and more variety of equipment.
*Railroad gathering city resources is now more efficient.
*Fixed a bug where GM Admin player is getting aggro from NPCs.
*Fixed a bug with vampires claiming cities.
*Necromancer pets will continue to follow the necromancer when they animate another pet.
*Kingdom Castles will now have a prince and princess of the ruling nation.
*Siege Castles will now have a prince and princess of the attacking nation.
*Bodyguards and Hirelings will now continue following the player if they leave the kingdom.
*Traveling Posts built by players will now add that kingdom to the list of places travel as long as the kingdom isn't in contestable territory.
*Randomly build kingdoms not located in contestable territory will be added to the list of places to travel on traveling posts.
*Noble classes in Dark Remnant nation will no longer be undead.
*Player claimed kingdoms will no longer be removed from traveling post's list of places to travel.
*Arrow crafting added:
(Fletching skill required when using a fletching tool only)

DarkDIRE 1.23.153/154 The Druid's Staff (January 2019)

*Added passports to take you to other new adventuring zones thru a traveling post. Look in bookcases for "Passport and Instructions".
*Fixed a bug casting wizardry thru scrolls with the on screen hot keys.
*Added Keyboard hotkeys 0 - 1 that can be setup to use your characters powers.
*Clicking wizard or sorcery bars can increase or decrease your current casting level.
*Added keyboard keys to control casting level.
*PVE player's pets will no longer attack other PVE players when they are in an enemy nation.
*Key mapping screen will now display the names of the keys instead of the key's number.
*Stores should now *we hope* will always have the correct equipment for sell for the store type.
*Updated MAC version to show the name of the game and have better resolution by default.
*Able to use the "-" key with controllers.
*Prior and Psion trainers will now always show up in Swampstone.
*Vampires can now rest on open coffins to regain health.
*Vampire's Charm necklaces can now be made with necklaces with no nation flag.
*Vampires Charm necklaces now show the vampire as a count.
*Fixed the timer delay on changing nation membership. It may take up to 14 minutes for a character to change nations.
*Necromancers in the undead nation will no longer be undead.
*Necromancer powerful enough to use Dead Texts can now just click the Use button to activate it.
*Knockback will now temporarly remove flight.

DarkDIRE 1.22.145 The Druid's Staff (December 2018)

*Testing a MacOS version on STEAM.
*Added necromancer trainer in Swampstone.
*Added Thieves Guild Quest NPC that will give random quests so players can gain fame to remove crime.
*Fixed a bug with PVP players earning crime.
*Monuments can now be used to join classes.
*Recipes can now have a nation style flag so players can craft armors styles from other nations.
*Fixed a bug with letters/books not connected with maps giving false coordinates.

DarkDIRE 1.21.144 The Druid's Staff (December 2018)

*Add "Rebirth Mode" for kingdoms. When npcs and resources are spent in a kingdom, the kingdom will go into this mode. A "Rebirth Crystal" will activate and start to spread a different biome with new resources and npcs. It will be controlled by an enemy nation of the current nation. The new NPCs will start fighting with the old NPCs on sight. Existing buildings will be destroyed.
*Add a new series of staffs called "Staffs of Rebirth". They do siege damage and can be used to force a "Rebirth Crystal" to activate regardless of the kingdom's current condition.
*Add gathering jobs for player characters. Useful for players that have their own kingdom with heirs, since these "heir" characters are always logged in with your main character, might as will put them to work. Player characters with an active job will automatically move around and collect resources with woodcutting, mining, farming, and treasure hunting.
*Creeping vines world object.
*Fixed a bug with stacking world building items (Barrels, Crates, and Bags).
*World Building Mode will now automaticlly target world objects when your character moves.
*Per player feedback, the library in the elven starting kingdom will now be open during the day.
*Kingdom exporting for rulers will now work on steam versions and will properly save all world object data.
*Downloading your character from a another world to your world will now also save the characters equipment.
*Per player feedback, You will now be able to delete your characters from the character selection menu.
*Per player feedback, Added a simple grouping so players can share XP from kills. Target another player and click group. The other player will need to do the same.
*Fixed some bugs related to switching between main character and heirs. .
*Added new quest with Anda in Swampstone, that will lead the player to a Rank 6 training area. It will be her 12th quest after the blacksmith crafting quest. Worlds built with version before 1.21.144 will need to reset the game world ("Local Settings/Destroy the World") to access this new content.

DarkDIRE 1.19.140/141 Sword of Torn (November 2018)

*Fixed a bug with characters losing their weapons.
*Weapon powers will now be able to be used while mounted.
*Added a new crafting boss, a master dressmaker (tailoring) has moved into Swampstone.
*For future updates, the game will now support quests that will be able to be tailored for nation enemies and allies.
*For future updates, the game now can create Mounted NPCs.

DarkDIRE 1.19.139 Sword of Torn (November 2018)

*New Amazon Fire Tablet version for android based Fire tablets/phones. Available soon.
*New Amazon Fire TV version for Fire TVs. Available soon.
*Releasing a windows and linux desktop version of DarkDIRE on STEAM that will support the steam controller. Planned launch is Dec 11th 2018.
*Bug fix: Textovers will now display for the correct buttons.
*Bug fix: Fixed a problem with unable to switch to your heir characters after changing your account's name.
*Bug fix: The ruling castle heraldy flags do not display correctly outside of the castle, so replaced them with windows.
*Bug fix: Captain of the Guard in the castles are now called Castle Marshals and should be able to give randomly generated quests again.

DarkDIRE 1.19.137 Sword of Torn (November 2018)

*Stores not owned by players will not overfill with stock preventing them from purchasing items from the player. Player owned kingdoms will still need to cleared by the owner.
*Player character save format has been updated to make it easier to read.
*Add a new rank 6 adventure area, Grifmae Valley. It will be part of the Sword of Torn questline and will be ruled by the elven nation "Conclave of Secrets".
*Finish the Sword of Torn quest line.
*Changed the numbering system for item filenames, this will make room for 1000s of new and unique items for future development.
*Interkingdom road system.
*Per player feedback, added Necklace of Vampire's Charm that allows vampires to disguise themselves as citizens of other nations.
*Per player feedback, added multi back up for your characters to help prevent losing your character data.
*Your character will now auto save every five minutes while in game.
*Player can now choose between two faces for new characters.
*Jousting is now longer limited to moving left and right.
*Added a self crafting screen (like the NPC crafting screen) to make crafting easier to understand.
*Crafting now only takes a few seconds to complete. .
*The world can now show world objects flipped on side or upside down.
*Added two new boss NPCs which will be located in Grifmae Valley:

"Arlie the Arcane Griffin" Master Wizard of the Magic Keep in Grifmae Valley
"Boar the Darkhand" High Defense Assassin of the Thieves Guild

*Added new line of named epic weapons, Weapons of Slaying:

"Dynlladd" Axe of human slaying.
"Gawrmarw" Halberd of giant slaying.
"Byrlladd" Hammer of dwarf slaying.
"Elf Bane" Dagger of elf slaying.
"Arglwydd Marw" Sword of angel slaying.
"Brenin Marw" Great sword of king slaying.
"Draiglladd" Spear of dragon slaying.
"Bwystfilladd" Great axe of orc slaying.
"Hud Gorffen" Great hammer of summoner's bane.
"Newid Gorffen" Staff of shapeshifter's bane.

*Added monster eggs.
*Holding a lit torch in your off hand will give your character a bit of fire damage.
*Some items will now respawn after picked up. This will for example allow The Sword of Torn quest line to be repeated with other characters without reseting the world.
*Revamp portal gems to allow more functionality.
*Add new type of world objects: Ethereal Sun Trees, nests, Idol Statues, Heraldry Stone Wall Flags, Quest Stones.
*Add new type of world objects: Crystal Ball, Grass Variety, and Steps.
*Add new items: Heraldry Style Surcoats and animated cloaks .
*Add the next crafting boss NPC, a dwarven blacksmith.
*Fix downloading characters from multiplayer servers to your local game.
*Fix bug that prevented lighting torches while in your character's hand.
*Crown Scale and Plate Armor for Rangers Brotherhood Nation (Head Only)
*Green chain mail for Ranger Brotherhood Nation.
*Female Griffins will now be a dull gray color.
*Added new map file for Portal Hub in the Wasteland of the Titans.
*For future development, the game will now support up to 10 more quest lines for a total of 20.
*For future development, added cooking and fletching items to support future recipes.
*For future development, added epic rebirth staffs and a new weapon effect +Rebirth.

DarkDIRE 1.18.123 Sword of Torn (Friday the 13th July 2018)

*Added "Floating Text" over characters to show damage and other information. This feature can be turned off ingame in the display settings.
*Using Abbreviations for Skill Power Buttons when they are not highlighted. This feature can be turned off ingame in the display settings.
*Added new random quest: Warfare. Lead a unit of NPCs against another unit of NPCs from an enemy nation.
*Better control over installing and uninstalling player-made kingdoms.
*Added targeting buttons for digging with shovels and pushing rafts with staffs.
*Fixed "Your Character Not Visible And Cannot Move" when starting a game bug.
*Fix some issues when switching between your main character and your heirs characters.
*Google Play versions will again use Google Play Games for your user name.
*Google Play versions will now ask for "write external permission", a new requirement by Google.
*Fixed a bug that might cause the game to stop responding when entering a new dungeon.
*Prince and Princess will not dissappear on game restart if they start following you.
*Fixed some issues using game controller while entering text.
*Some Changes to the TV Console Display.
*Removed Active Spell List from main screen and added to Character Sheet.
*Fixed a bug causing capes and robes to dissappear and show a blank spot on the ground.
*Capes and robes will now appear as rolled up when dropped on the ground.
*Future Steam Version Only: Files will now be sorted in folders instead of everything in one folder.
*Fixed a bug breaking Keisha's "Destroy the Gem" Quest.
*Fixed the admin command Destroy NPC.
*Music will update quicker.
*Knight's journal will no longer spawn randomly and only once in the crystal sea.
*Map files can now be loaded from the documents folder with the Admin Command "Load Map".
*Pets will now teleport if needed to keep up with player's movement.
*Fix a bug with compasses that may have caused them to forget some locations.
*Fixed a bug with changing kingdoms when you have a pet.
*Fixed a bug causing arrows to be missing part of their name when changing arrows in a quiver.
*Random Traveling posts will no longer be surrounded by trees.
*Fixed a bug breaking the "Save Lauru" quest.
*Fixed a NPC placement in Storehouse.
*Fixed some wording in quests.

DarkDIRE 1.17.117/118 Sword of Torn (June 2018)

*Add part 1 of a new quest line: "The Sword of Torn". Part 1 ends at the grave of the legendary Knight of Torn.
*Added a new boss NPC, Brous the Blood Well. A character built around health regeneration.
*Added a new crafting boss NPC, The White Witch. She has a extremely high alchemy skill and can be hired to craft. She is not protected, so she can be killed and won't respawn.
*Add a new fire based aleya (Fire Wolf). It will be the first of many elemental aleya in the game.
*Multi-player server will no longer spam number of players online when more then ten players are connected.
*Fixed a bug with potions including the "Cure Disease Potion".
*The study of Necromancy is banned by all civilized nations, libraries will no longer offer this skill. (Necromancy skill is still in the game just harder to find.)
*No raid events in premade cities.
*Fixed buttons losing focus while in game on the free version.
*Fixed hirelings disappearing if you leave them behind while fighting.
*Fixed enchanted wands not working.
*All android versions of DarkDIRE will now use immersive screen mode.
*Improved the new looting screen, now loot even faster.
*Improved vault/backpack/bookcases text to better describe how they work.
*The four of the six player races will have unique starting areas that are lore appropriate:

1> Dar...
2> Giantkin...
3> Elves...
4> Dwarves...

(Humans and Faellen will continue to use the current starting area.)
*Added two a new effects for weapons for the new Sword of Torn quest line:

1> Haunted: Cursed weapons now have a chance to be haunted by a demon or ghost.
2> Fallen Star: Weapons forged from meteorites have a random chance to discharge elemental damages.

*Added three new spells for the new Sword of Torn quest line. These spells can be used by wizards and sorcerers that also have the necromancy skill or necromancers by using a dead text with the spell.

1> Summon Ghost
2> Summon Demon
3> Summon Vampire

*Fixed a bug with button's weapon power recast timers.
*Ghosts now glow at night and are invisible during the day.
*Added a character avatar in the character creation screen.
*Players can save their kingdoms into a file which in future version will be shareable.
*Graphics added to allow skeletons to show a full body of bones.
*Removed TV Console's "Are you still there?" and replaced it with "Joystick Lost Connection".
*Added Scabbards to the game. They can be used in the left hand slot even on two-handed weapons.
*Changed the layout of the TV Console's UI. Minor changes to the Desktop and Touch Screen UIs.
*World building has been streamlined to make it easier for the player to build. Including world objects no longer rank up.
*Removed the City Management Tech Training tree and replaced with store management. Store management can be used to roll new items in stores.
*Stores are now all selling random items and will have more inventory.
*The sword in the stone and Baal rising stone now have a hidden purpose in the game.
*Added new world particles effect including destroy terrain, destory object, magic effects and more.
*No longer need empty barrels, bags, and crates to collect world building objects. They have been repurposed to now contain a random world building object.
*Many new types of balms have been added to the game, including (per player request) one to remove disease on others.
*Land deeds will be easier to get from quests.
*Added new floor puzzle for dungeons using floor runes.
*Added three new mini biomes:
1>Crystal Terrain and Crystal Growths
2>Volcanic Terrain and Volcanic Growths
3>Primordial Terrain and Primordial Growths
New Crystal Terrain

*Added new decorations for houses and dungeons.
*Added swoosh weapon trails for melee attacks.
*The evil city of Terma will get fixed and turned into a new adventuring dungeon "The Crystal Sea". It will also be the home of a new weapon The Sword of Depths.
*Several performance improvements.
*Kingdom rankings will now depend on how much gold is in the cities vault.
*Per player feedback, all (well most all) kingdoms will have a traveling post and your compass will point (Full Version Only) you to where it is.
*Added cornerstones, a new type of borderstone that protects a small area and can only be destroyed when the player defeats all the npcs.
*Added new spell type: Cloud barrier spells.
*Doors and other locked world objects will have locked and/or type of lock in name.
*Speak language check now when using stores, training, hiring crafters, ect...
*Fixed a bug where animals spawned in dungeons. Replaced them with a new monster type: Slime Molds!
*Added Hardcore Rogue-like mode: When active: players will not be able to respawn (Permadeath) and will drop all their equipment.
*NPCs will no longer be perfectly centered in game tiles.
*Many many Bug fixes.
*Build 118 Update: Temporarily removed Google Play Games from The Google Play and Android TV version. It was causing a crash.

DarkDIRE 1.16.116 Magic Wand(December 2017)

*Looting distance for items from the ground has been increased from 1.5 to 2.
*New Area Looting Screen to make looting easier.
*Looting dead bodies will no longer automatically place items in your inventory, the loot will now drop to the ground and then the player can use the new area looting screen to pick only the items they want.
*Added "Exit Game with the [Exit Dire] Button to Save Your Progress" graphic to entering world screens.
*Some of the startup screens will now have the buttons automatically in focus in the startup menus.

DarkDIRE 1.15.115 Magic Wand (October 2017)

*Doubled base movement speed of player characters.
*NPC movement speed will now increase with rank.
*Premade cities will no longer spawn random premade maps.
*Rogue skill now grants hide skill at a lower level.
*Scouting skill now grants track skill at a lower level.
*Fixed duel wield bug, now can duel wield at dex 50 instead of 51.
*All randomly spawned kingdoms will now have merchant and village areas.
*All randomly spawned dungeons will now have merchant areas.
*Full Version feature: Compasses will automatically know where to find the up/down staircase in dungeons.
*Full Version feature: Compasses will automatically know where to find the new villages and new merchants in randomly spawned kingdoms.
*Added a new portal that allows players to transport out of a dungeon to the surface.
*More stability improvements on the multiplayer server software.
*Auto exit incase of gamepad disconnection when no input detected when in TV Console Mode (OUYA and Android TV Version use TV Console Mode).
*Certain crafting materials will now be easier to locate, resources will spawn from certain objects in certain biomes.
*Bug Fixed: Full version loss when not online.

DarkDIRE 1.13.113 Magic Wand (July 2017)

*Google play versions will now use Google Game Services for your username.
*The game will now download sound and music in the background while in game.
*Fixed a bug causing the prized horse quest reward to disappear.
*Fixed a bug causing recast timers on buttons to reset.
*Fixed a bug causing worldbroad cast messages on multiplayer servers not to work.
*Fixed a bug that prevented super-user menu access. This bug only affected the google play touch screen version.
*Fixed a bug on the linux server software that would cause it to shut-down for no reason.
*Corrected text in some of Anda's quests including The Check on Keisha quest.

DarkDIRE 1.13.107 Magic Wand (June 2017)

*New Android TV version in the Google Play Store.
*Downloading game packages has been changed to allow new installs easier to get in game.
*Hidden traps will now be visible after they are activated.
*Alters will now inform that player if they have no magical ability.
*Altered world object targeting when facing north and south to make targeting offset world objects easier.
*Increased the speed of targeting per player feedback.
*Console based server software available for windows and linux replacing the previous server software.
*Fixed bug causing rulers not to have a first name.
*More network improvements for multiplayer games.
*Startup screen now displays code version.
*Fixed a memory leak.

DarkDIRE 1.12.100 Magic Wand (May 2017 Hotfix)

*Fixed a bug that occurred when connecting to multiplayer servers.

DarkDIRE 1.12.99 Magic Wand (May 2017)

*Boss NPCs. NPCs in game now are a vanilla character build. Boss NPCs will use some of the rare effects that can be placed on armor and weapons to give them unusual abilities.
*Add Aleya Spirits plus items to control/strengthen them.
*Your home will now be in an enemy kingdom, allowing you to conquer it when you are strong enough.
*The tutorial system will be revamped. It will now be based out of your home and more story based.
*Anda will now have a new quest that will lead you to another quest giver in Swampstone. Will require a world reroll.
*Spys! NPCs can now be in disguised as citizens of another nation.
*New NPC movement type, some friendly NPCs will now swarm the player character and will talk more.
*New NPC movement type, some NPCs will now shy away from the player character.
*NPCs on premade maps can now be set at different rankings.
*You can backup your characters from multiplayer servers onto your local game.
*Fixed gathering bug when retargeting.
*Fixed bug related to destroying world objects while indoors or in caves.
*Fixed mute not working.
*NPCs can now be spawned as (already dead) or (suffering from disease).
*Disease Status is now contagious.
*Add new world objects: Portcullis Gates, Wooden Gates, Hidden Gates, tutorial markers, rafts, and fortress walls.
*Coin Exchanges added, they will allow players to exchange between gold currencies. The cost of these exchanges will be added to the local kingdom's treasury.
*You will now be able to split coin stacks.
*Add a new abilities: sniper to archery, shield bash to blocking (requires buckler shield), riposte to parrying (requires rapier sword), and renew conjuring timers ability for conjuring.
*Treasure maps are now called readable items. They now serve more purposes in the game.
*Wizards and sorcerers now can scribe weapons to make powerful magic casting items like magic wands.
*Fixed targeting bug with casting from scrolls and other magic casting bugs.
*Kingdom will now each have rulers with unique names and ranks. The leader of a nation will now only appear in a rank 10 premade city.
*Change local game server settings in the game menu.
*More items be laying around in dungeons.
*Changing random spawns in dungeons.
*Add new cloth styles for sect, temple and church nations.

Cloth Styles for Sect Temple and Church
*New graphics for tables, added long tables, added some function to chairs and benches.
*Full version character backup will now backup characters to the local documents folder allowing players more control over their backups. The previous method was not being utilized by players.
*Aleya Arena Challenge.
*Skill power buttons will now use a bar to count down time instead of showing recast time in text.
*Hire NPCs to adventure with you.
*Bug Fixes.

DarkDIRE 1.11 Iron Halberd (August/September 2016 Update)
*Above world random terrain generator will now spawn "interesting stuff" much more often.
*Rebalanced mount armor to make it stronger and fixed the horseshoe bug.

Armored War Horse Stats
*Gathering city resources is now also a great way to earn crafting resources for yourself.
*Crafting Resources now have what effect they will add to a item in their description.
*Readded the find your trainer quest. It will become Anda the City Clerk's second quest.
*Added prized horse quest with Anda. Hint: Use the word "armor" in the quest conversation for a extra bonus.
*New loading screen animation.
*Removed the death video ad on the google play version.
*Anda the City Clerk will now always be human and will no longer wear a helmet.
*DarkDIRE will no longer force a game package update after installing a new version.
*Fixed a bug with "Target Next Character" command.

DarkDIRE 1.10b Iron Halberd (July 2016 Hotfix 2 Update)
*Added warning to players attempting to use a android devices with less then 1GB of memory.
*Players will no longer respawn in swampstone if they are enemies of the church.
*More memory management improvements.
*Bug fixes.

DarkDIRE 1.10a Iron Halberd (July 2016 Hotfix 1)
*Fixed bug not allowing cupboards, desk, etc to be unlocked.
*Job boards can now be used to summon coaches to traveling posts.
*Administrator Library now working properly
*Inproved game stability and performance, better memory management.
*Bug fixes.

DarkDIRE 1.10 Iron Halberd (July 2016 Update, Now the biggest update ever!))
*Startup screen no longer requires you to log in.
*No more need to register accounts.
*Added the premade full city of Swampstone.
*Added traveling posts: a city to city quick traveling system.
*Resource gathering now available to all characters.
*Earn gold from the kingdom when donating resources.
*Earn XP from resource gathering when your character has the skill for the tool used for gathering.
*Some world objects will now appear offset.
*All characters will now have a home that can be used for item storage.
*Characters will now respawn after death in their home.
*Added onscreen-keyboard for easier text entry.
*Google Play Version: Added advertisements to "Free Version" help fund future game development.
*Google Play Version: Bookstores are now a libraries of skill books.
*Forge TV Version: Bookstores are now a libraries of skill books (Full Version Only Feature).
*Libraries skill book selection changes every new game day.
*Bug fixes.

DarkDIRE 1.09b Broken Shovel (April 2016 Update)
*Events will happen in contestable areas regularly.
*The kingdom description now lets the player know if it is friendly or not.
*NPCs with tracking and hiding will again walk around.
*You will no longer loss your bedroll if your drop it at a kingdom's entrance.
*Fixed the switch in the Administator's Castle to work on the lava instead of the track.

DarkDIRE 1.09a Broken Shovel (March/April 2016 Update)
*Next and Previous Targeting Buttons now use distance from player.
*Bug Fix: Sometimes unable to move on login.
*Bug Fix: Fix player avatar sometimes not showing up on login.
*Bug Fix: Zoom close no longer resets when changing combat modes.

DarkDIRE 1.09 Broken Shovel (March/April 2016 Update)
*Added a tutorial for new players.
*Increased the amount the player can see around the character.
(If you still like the old view, you can adjust zoom to 3 to match the old view.)
*Touch Screen Mode now has a "Zoom Close" button for picking up small items from the ground.
*The appearance of magical particles have been changed.
*Some Elvish, Dwarves, and Orcs weapons now each have a unique racial look.
*Added a siege mode when using siege weapons for easier player destruction and building.
*Players can now own plots of land for building. Claim the border stone in the northwest side of the plot of land to own it.
*Raider Events will now spawn in games with more the one active player.
*Some NPCs are getting bored by standing in the same spot all day. Now they can wander around the map if they wish.
*World item's and world object's visual depth now is now more precise.
*Added more functions to the quest script reader allowing future quests with more variety.
*The nation "Dark Elves of the Desert" is now named "Desert Clans of the Dar".
*Music will now properly play on Razer Forge TV.
*Horses may now be mounted from a father distance, but horses now like to be outside and may refuse to run into dangerous terrain.
*Many bug fixes.

DarkDIRE 1.08 Rusty Dagger (Feb 2016 Update)
*Bookcases, desks, dressers, armoires, and cupboards now may contain items. Don't forget to bring a key.
*Added Reinforced Chests that are a openable world object.
*Fix compass and bedrolls disappearing on death instead of dropping to the ground.
*Barons may now assign NPC as bodyguards to them self or other players that will follow them while in the baron's kingdom.
*NPCs with healing skill will now heal players and other NPCs in the same nation.
*Added a new full version feature: Use your compass to lead you back to areas you have already visited.
*Players now will receive experience from their pet's kills.
*Fixed a bug that may cause the storehouse not to spawn in starting areas.
*Fixed a bug that causes casters to cast through walls.
*Fixed a bug that may cause the game to hang on exit.

DarkDIRE 1.07 Rusty Dagger: (Jan 2016 Update. Rusty Dagger is the largest update yet!)
*Free Version now has never ending game play: Starting kingdom quests now lead to a bottomless dungeon for a endless dungeon crawl.
*Dungeons now have their own building algorithm. Dungeons are now built in classic rogue-like style.
*Dungeon Fountains can now be found, they may have magical properties.
*Dungeon Alters can also now be found, worship if you dare.
*Dungeons are now made from Solid Earth instead of Solid Rock. Earth is easier to bust threw then rock.
*Dungeons will now spawn NPCs aggressively against the player during the day like zombies spawn at night.
*There are now a couple of randomly spawning dungeon puzzles. (More to be added in the future)
*New World Terrain: Added character tossers and pushers.
*New World Objects: Destructive Pedestals, Timer Switches, Item Weight Switches.
*Some signs reveal magic words.
*Bedrolls now have their own item graphic.
*Administrators now have GrandMaster Stealth ability.
*Added swamp and desert weather effects.
*Snow is now snowflake size and not the size of a your head.
*You will find more stores in dungeons to sell your loot and vaults to store it.
*Dungeon vaults are now shared with the kingdom above.
*Potions names will vary from server to server making it more difficult to identify them, so just have a drink and see what happens.
*Added coffins and sarcophagus, they may contain treasure but probably only contain danger.
*Hay will now mostly spawn in the plains as originally planned.
*Added random areas that will spawn groups of animals.
*Wells now function differently and no longer supply bottles.
*Wishing wells have been boosted.
*Removed Wells of Youth and replaced with Fountains of Youth.
*Added Ranger and Thief Leather Armors.
New Armor for Rangers and Theives
*Added Mage Robes Clothes.
New Cloth for Wizards and Sorcerers
*Added two new NPC races that are very strong in the magical arts, Sprites and Moon Bloods.
New Races: Sprites and Moon Bloods
*Vampirism and Lycanthropy are now more difficult to remove.
*In some places, magic is in the air which can help wizards and sorcerers restore magic.
*Black Knight Class added to the Sect of Ares-Set Nation.
*Dark Knight Class added to The Dark Remnant Nation.
*Added Moon Blood Infestation quest line to starting areas.
*Added Lost Daughter quest line to starting areas.
*Added Mark of the First Mage to boost Wizardry and Sorcery skills.
*Starting areas added for Circle of Arch-Wizards Nation and The Sorcerer's Tower Nation.
*All characters starting with Wizardry skill will start in Circle of Arch-Wizards Nation as an apprentice.
*All characters starting with Sorcery skill will start in The Sorcerer's Tower Nation as an apprentice.
*Backpacks can now be found, these will greatly increase the amount of items a character can carry.
*We added more music to the game and changed the desert's background music.
*Money Purses/Chests/Backpacks can be locked/unlocked.
*Rogue lock picks no longer consume. Making lock picking a more useful skill.
*Death can no longer be used to travel to your nation's next kingdom.
*Some signs will give coordinates to your nation's next kingdom.
*Death respawn points will be set/changed when you enter one of your nation's kingdoms.
*Your current quest will still be active from the last time your played.
*Beta release of server for Windows and Ubuntu Linux 32-bit now available.
*Multiplayer selection will now automatically detect game servers on the local network.
*Many bug fixes.

DarkDIRE 1.06 Notched Battleaxe:
*Added third starter quest with Aun that will now be the repeatable quest.
*There is a now a display selection menu.
*New screen modes: Two on the OUYA: Desktop & TVConsole. Three on Google Play: Desktop, TVConsole & Touch Screen.
*Physical joystick deadzone adjustment added to display menu.
*Touch screen joystick deadzone adjustment moved to the display menu.
*World zoom button moved to display menu.
*Fix for bug that made the login button dissapear if a invalid username or password is entered.
*Google Play Version: Now has programmable action sets like the OUYA does.
*Google Play Version: New Control Menu for programming controllers and keyboard buttons.
*OUYA Version: Preparing for a Forge TV version.
*OUYA Version: Menu Button added to screen.

DarkDIRE Version 1.05 Notched Battleaxe:
*Added "Did you know?" to the loading screen.
*Training screen now is less crowded and text is easier to read.
*Keys and scrolls will now stack.
*Untraining stations now also resets class, title, honor name, crime, and fame.
*You can now change classes after commiting a crime.
*Per player feedback, The Aun starter quest is now repeatable. There is no longer a need for a reset quest button.
*Chests give much better loot.
*Fix a bug with the starter weapon having no effect stats for crafting.
*City names will now be more random.
*Faellen NPCs will now have proper names.
*Princess treasure map added.
*Low level NPC crafters will now craft slightly better.
*Administator teleport command can no longer send npcs to another kingdom.
*Princess/Prince NPCs will retain their orginal first name if married.
*OUYA Version: fixed position of the reset HUD button in the menu.
*OUYA Version: Changed movement buttons on OUYA controller per player feedback.
*OUYA Version: OUYA now has all features added in 1.04a Google Play Release.

DarkDIRE Version 1.04a Notched Battleaxe (GooglePlay Release Only):
*The world is a richer place, most npcs will now always drop coins.
*You can no longer drop your inventory items when turned to stone.
*Logon screen now offers to log in with offline mode.
*The game will no longer stop responding when loging in.
*After package updating, You will be asked to set your offline account if it isnt already.
*New in game deadzone adjustment for onscreen joystick.
*Combat powers buttons now only appear when in Combat Mode.

DarkDIRE Version 1.04 Notched Battleaxe:
*Just in time for Halloween, characters can now be cursed with lycanthropy or vampirism.
*Added Pumpkin Lanterns for Halloween.
*Added new monster, Cockatrice, that has the ability to turn its enemies to stone.
*Added stone statues as a new world object.
*Added bedrolls, a portable bed that will reduce down time between fights.
*Added grass world object for a easy source of hay.
*Night time is now shorter.
*Kingdoms now supply all their NPC Soldiers with shields.
*Added a button to reset HUD to orginal layout.
*Character will be rewarded a land deed when they gain 100 fame.
*Fixed some animation bugs.
*Arrows will now stack when picked up.
*You no longer have to leave combat mode to change weapons.
*Fix some bugs with HUD settings.
*Fix some bugs with offline mode.
*Adjusted some recast timers on powers.
*NPCs will now take damage/healing from damage/heal over time spells.
*After several searches and changes, a simple and unique name has been found. DireRPG will now be called DarkDIRE.
*Google Play BETA: onscreen joystick easier to control.

DireRPG Version 1.03 Dull Sword:
*Added Mark of the Crane, Mark of the Tiger, and Mark of the Dragon. These marks add martial art combat styles to make unarmed combat more inline with other melee weapons.
*Changed Necromancer skills power lineup. Removed Ritual of the Lich and replaced it with Read Dead Texts. The ritual of the lich will be one of the texts the necromancer can follow. Also added a melee health drain.
*Added a DOT bleed to two-handed-sword to match the one available for one-handed sword.
*To prepare for dire server software release, added options to make server Player vs Player or Nation vs Nation.
*Added changes to prepare for a Google Play touch screen release.
*Moved "Casting Level" and "Choose Language" from character sheet screen to chat screen.
*Added more loot in dungeons that gets better the deeper you go. Also added more NPC spawns.
*Fixed Ninja Class, Healer Class and Necromancer Class to require the proper skills to join.
*New Treasure Map System.
*Added Templar and Paladin Style Heavy Armors:
New Armor for Paladins and Templars
*Fixed a bug that caused duplicate characters from forming when changing lands.
*Don't lose your progress, back up your characters to the cloud. This will also allow transfering characters to different devices. Requires full version and registered account.
*Every starting nation now has a unique starting map. (Humans got the orginal starting map.)
*Make reset server more efficent.
*Added more variety to randomly made forests/plains/swamps maps.
*Update button appearances and other HUD updates.
*Preparing for Google Play touch screen release.
*Other bug fixes.

DireRPG Version 1.02 Dull Sword:
Fix a bug that may have prevented the player's character from updating when exiting the game.

DireRPG Version 1.01: Dull Sword
Rearranged controller buttons per player feedback.

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