DarkDIRE: Character Player Races

DarkDIRE: Character Player Races



Your kingdom of Blackshield Keep has split off the Great Empire. Now imperial forces seek to reconquer your homeland. Humans have balanced abilities so they are able to do well in any skill.
Common Human Peasants


Your tribe lives by raiding the wealthy Great Empire for the resources it needs to survive. As a barbarian raider with a mix of human and giant blood, you will excel in any skill that uses strength over intelligence.
Common Giantkin Peasants


As a Dar you believe the dark dragon goddess Taurus will one day return to take this world. Through many generations of fighting in the harsh desert to survive your people have built a natural agility that is unrivalled by any other race.
Common Dar-Kelf Peasants


Your people have not lived above ground since the first age. Now living above ground again, your people have built grand fortresses that stand as a first line of defence for the Underland Empire. After generations of underground living, your people now have an constitution unequalled by any other race.
Common Dwarf Peasants


Your from a rich culture of nature and magic. Your people uses their knowledge of magic and nature to hide its civilization from outsiders. Your natural intellect will let you excel in any field that requires mental strength.
Common Elven Peasants


Most believe your people are just a result of a magical experiment of a mad wizard. But your people believe in a more divine origin. This belief has given your people the strongest faith of all the races.
Common Faellen Peasants

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