DarkDIRE: Lore: The Third Age

DarkDIRE: Lore

THIRD AGE: The Age of Death

NOTE: This is an *extremely* rough draft containing mistakes. Also this timeline may change in future versions. This was released early while still in a rough form per player request.

Year 1: This marks the beginning of the First Rising. Undead begin to appear throughout the world. Undead are becoming common and it isn't safe to travel out at night.

Year 5: The church turns more worship toward Juno to help restore some of their lost strength.

Year 10: Orcs also raid attack the lands. Dragons have also returned.

Year 15: Kronus research new magic in elemental magic to help combat the new threats. Fire, Electrical and Earth and cold.

Year 20: Kronus investigates a new strange race of winged people, Faellen, are first seen. Some say that they are from an experiment performed by a mad wizard, others believe they have a divine origin.

Year 30: Kronus recruits a powerful human wizard named Dryer and together they invent necromancy

Year 35: Lady Gabriel reappears in Deep Springs promising a new faith to replace the church. She is now the first Aelf to have the power of fire. She cleanses the undead threat in Deep Springs.

Year 38: Lady Zion and the Wood Aelf reappear in Laelion. They use magic to conceal the now elven kingdom of Laelion from undead.

Year 40: The marks the end of the First Rising. In a grand battle, the undead god Baal is revealed as the source of the undead. He is defeated and left powerless as Dryer's necromancy stills his control of the undead of Baal! Necromancy controls the undead threat and no more deadrise at night. Baal is contained in a magical amulet.

Year 45: Temple worship completely replaces the church in Deep Springs, and all the other human city-states except West Keep now have a temple.

Year 70: As Dryer's grows older and fears his mortality he betrays Kronus. Dryer becomes a lich named the dark remnant and vanishes. (He has relocated to the ruins of Titan's Fall).

Year 72: Seeing the evil it could bring, Kronus has Necromancy outlawed everywhere.

Year 100: A New race of elves appear calling them self the Dar. They follow the teaching of Taursus and come from the desert.

Year 110: Kronus shape-shifts himself into a human named Welsun the wizard and seeks the truth behind the disappearance of Odin and the lost protectors.

Year 111: Welsun's Quest for the Protectors

Kronus first finds Helena the Druid is Lady Selena.

Kronus second finds Sir Nickolas of the White is Sir Nike.

Kronus third finds Roy the Dragon Slayer is Sir Gvon.

He doesn't find Odin. The other protectors have lost their memories. He cannot restore their memories but has again assigned them to continue the task as the protectors. But they are not excepted or believed as they once were.

Year 130: Dwarves have returned to the surface in the mountains in force forming the Dwarves of the Mountains under the advisement of Roy the Dragon Slayer. They begin to build a grand fortress for the battle they believe will come in the future.

Year 180: George Dragonscale is born as the son of a poor monk.

Year 200: Azrthur is born.

Year 200: The Story of Saint George

A brave human knight who still follows the code of the old church, Sir George Dragonscale, receives word that this king is celebrating the birth of a daughter to begins a trip to return home.

While riding on a ship is attacked by Templars. Refusing to swear to the Temple, Sir George is thrown over into the water to drown.

Sir George unable to stay afloat, wearing full heavy plate armor, sinks into the water and is saved by an aelf ice spirit.

She charges the paladin to go north to a small human village where he must save a boy by the name of Azrthur.

The knight who lost his armor and weapons to the Templars heads north to the frozen lands searching for this boy, the locals believe he is a wandering monk.

He finds a village that was raided and destroyed by the Half-Giants from the north. He finds a lone survivor, a baby boy.

The water Aelf spirits reveal through a vision to Sir George that he has found Azrthur.

Sir George travels back south to West Keep which is still loyal to the Church and not the temple

Sir George raises the boy as a page, learning him to be a knight.

YEAR 215: Richard Dragonscale is born to George.

YEAR 220: The Story of King Azrthur Blackshield

Azrthur is dubbed a knight by the king of West Keep just before the West Keep annual knightly games.

Sir Azrthur receives the favor of the princess and they announce their wedding plans during the beginning of the games.

Templars appear in the kingdom to join the games but begin to cause trouble and demand West Keep convert their Churches into Temples or be burned to the ground.

A Knight named Sir Nickolas tries to arrange peace with Templars and West Keep.

Fighting breaks out and the King of West Keep is killed. Soon Azrthur is fleeing from the Templars with the princess and another templar's escaped prisoner with him named Siovn, The templars corner the two at lands end, where the lands sink into the ocean.

A ladies arm reaches from the water and a ladies voice echoes ' Azrthur, you are the chosen to protect the gift, take Excalibur.

The holy light from Excalibur blinds the Templars. Sir Azrthur, princess and Siovn escape using the Templars horses.

Siovn reveals to Azrthur why the Templars were trying to kill him, he is cursed with a terrible curse. Azrthur tries to use Excalibur to help Siovn but it cannot help.

With Excalibur, Azrthur Princess and Siovn frees Sir George and Sir Nickolas and a band of knights from the Templars.

In awe of Excalibur, they all declare loyalty to Azrthur.

Lead by Sir Azrthur Blackshield, West Keep is freed from the Temple. The princess becomes the Queen of West Keep. Soon Azrthur and the Queen are married.

Azrthur, advised by Sir Nickolas, rides from human kingdom to human kingdom and joins the kingdoms into one. The Temple is forced to accept Azrthur as the ruler and for the first time, the temple and the church are forced to tolerate each other in the same city.

When Azrthur arrives in Deep Springs to met Lady Gabriel she is nowhere to be found.

King Azrthur is able to unite the five human city-states and form the Great Empire.

Azrthur and an army of knights guided by an elf named Lady Helena enter the elven kingdom. Azrthur with Helena's help had planned on convincing the elves to join the Empire. But the elves refused, they no longer followed the teaching of the church and worshiped nature as there mother.

Azrthur's knights are escorted out of the elven kingdom.

Siovn, with the help of Welsun, begins to learn to control his curse and becomes the first Warlock, powers become known as Psion powers and he is able to control them and teach them to others his new magic.

No force can stand against the Human empire. The Great Empire. King Azrthur leading his armies into battle with the light of Excalibur. Elves, Half-Giants, Dar-Kelf, Orcs armies are no match for the King.

YEAR 225: Oar is born.

YEAR 235: The Fall of Azrthur "The Battle of Blackshield"

The 10th anniversary of the marriage of the Emperor and Emperoress of the Empire is to be celebrated during the annual games in one week.

Dwarves appear to join the games. Dwarves have not been seen in a couple hundred years. A dragon slayer named Roy advices the dwarves.

Azrthur, with Sir Nickolas, met with the dwarves and find they wish to verify that he did have Excalibur, for the dwarves forged it for Odin long ago.

With Sir Roy and Sir Nickolas as leading delegates, the dwarves swear loyalty to Azrthur and Excalibur.

The next day celebration begins through the keep's games that include humans and dwarves with knightly tournament

During the games an army of elves camp outside the keep. Their intentions unknown but does little to stop the celebrations. Lady Helena leaves to find their true intentions.

A black knight appears in the tournament boasting that he is undefeatable. He defeats the best of the human and dwarven knights. Soon he boasts he is even a greater knight then Azrthur.

Despite being a King, Azrthur is still a knight and accepts the challenge.

Helena returns informing that the elves have come to help us but Azrthur responds. Help us from what? Helena says they were tracking down the black knight.

The black knight unhorses Author in a joust. But then the black knight draws a sword and poison leaks from it into the air knock everyone around him unconscious.

Welsun unaffected tries to rush forward to protect Azrthur but the black knight removes his helmet revealing himself as an undead lich called the dark remnant.

Sir Weryn dashes forward to protect Azrthur

Welsun is surrounded by a no magic field cast from the dark remnant. The dark remnant tells Welsun he knows all his magic and nothing can stop him.

The Dark Remnant slays Sir Weryn. The Dark Remnant opens a magical gateway and picks up the Azrthur. Azrthur is able to swing Excalibur but drunk with poison misses and the dark remnant seals Excalibur into a stone block.

Helena casts a druid spell a spell not affected by The Dark Remnant's dispel magic shield and shapeshifts Welsun into a lion. As a lion Welsun leaps free of the Dark Remnant's spell.

The Dark Remnant drags Azrthur through the portal. Just before it closes the Welsun in lion form leaps through after them.

This marks the beginning of the Second Rising.

The sound of battle comes from outside the keep. The army of elves defend the keep from another attacking army of undead.

Undead overrun the keep. The Queen is killed. Few dwarves escape with Princes Oar.

Unknown the fate of Oar, The elderly Sir George become ruler of the empire. Sir George forces retake West Keep. King George renames it to Blackshield Keep after the lost royal family.

YEAR 250: Sir George passes away and his son Richard Dragonscale becomes Emperor of the Great Empire

YEAR 251: Lady Gaberial returns and restrengthens her temple to fight the new undead scourge.

YEAR 252: Emperor Richard Dragronsale to protect himself from the politics from the temple form the Inquisitors to be his personal bodyguard.

YEAR 254: The Inquisitors are able to steal back one of the Tachis from Xiang's Tomb, The Samurais who were descendants of the original warriors sent to find the three Tachi swords. Xiang Samurai warriors and Yore's Dark Monks follow the Inquisitors back.

YEAR 255: Richard Dragonscale outlaws the practice of warlock under the pressure of the temple just as necromancy was once outlawed. Blackshield Keep under the leadership of Lord Oar of Blackshield, withdrawals from the Great Empire, refusing to follow the ban on warlocks and the requirement of a temple in every city. Blackshield Keep stands as the last human city to have no Temple and a strong following in the Juno Church of the All-father.

YEAR 256: Sir Oar Blackshield appears in Blackshield Keep with a company of Red Knights (Dwarf?) and claims the throne of Blackshield keep from Sir Nickalos, who swears his loyalty to Oar. Richard Dragonscale refuses to give up the rule of the empire so Oar withdrawals Blacksheild Keep from the Empire.

YEAR 260: A new cult has appeared promising to help you forget the past and start new. This they say will prepare you for the end of the world.

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