DarkDIRE: Lore: The Myth of Sir Odin and the Titans

DarkDIRE: Lore

The Myth of Sir Odin and the Titans

NOTE: This is an *extremely* rough draft containing mistakes. Also story may change in future versions. This was released early while still in a rough form per player request.

B:01. Odin awakens to find himself severely injured and alone in the middle lands.

B:02. Odin's wounds from the dragon are so severe he cannot even stand.

B:03. Odin's armor is completely destroyed. He is able to throw the few remaining scraps aside.

B:04. Odin watches as Suunmore is completely consumed by the dragon fire.

B:05. Bright light begins to pour from Suunmore. The cold and dark middle lands become lit and begin warming up.

B:06. A strangely familiar voice says, "Suunmore's fires will now forever block you from returning to the higher planes. But at the same time, it will also protect the higher planes from all evil until the end of time."

B:07. Sir Odin turns to see an ancient lion, silver from its age and wearing many scars from its many lifetimes of battle.

B:08. The lion continues, I am the guardian of the middle lands. I am so ancient yet at the same time I just witnessed my own birth.

B:09. The lion lifts the wounded Sir Odin onto his back.

B:10. The lion takes the helpless Sir Odin to a gigantic dark fortress that is carved from a mountain.

B:11. The lion drops Sir Odin gently to the ground then without explanation walks away.

B:12. Odin is soon found by a group of giants and taken inside the castle where he meets the five Titans.

B:13. In the fortress, the five cruel titans rule the middle lands from five thrones of solid gold.

B:14. Upon their heads sit five crowns of storm which grants them the power of lightning.

B:15. Head of the five is Mars the largest of the titans who throne sits in the middle.

B:16. The giants bowing in fear of the Titans offer the wounded Odin to the Titans.

B:17. Odin despite his wounds he finally manages to stand and address the Titans.

B:18. Odin says Titans, you are to return to your lower planes from where you came. These lands are no longer yours."

B:19. Mars laughs and with his hand reaches up and calls lightning down upon Odin. The strike knocks Odin to the floor.

B:20. Mars says to Odin, you will be known as the jester. Take him down to the dungeons. You may jest while working my mines."

B:21. When entering the mines Odin's ears are met with the songs of enslaved giants working the mine.

B:22. The songs tell of a great lion of silver battling the Titans.

B:23. The giants here are known as war giants. They are the largest and strongest of the giants.

B:24. The war giants refusing to serve the Titans they are now enslaved and forced to work in these mines.

B:25. The war giants help Odin for many I months as he heals. But his wounds are so severe he will ever be crippled.

B:26. Despite his handicaps, Odin is able to sneak in the fortress above the mines to explore. His small size made it easy to hide from the giants.

B:27. Odin finds a locked room and breaks in to find a sleeping virgin goddess. He falls in love at first sight and awakens her with a kiss.

B:28. Odin's health is instantly restored by the goddess. for She is Lemeter the goddess of Nature and princess to the Fae.

B:29. Odin is unable to remove her from her magic prison but returns to her every night when suunmore sits.

B:30. On the fourth night, Lemeter tells Odin that they have conceived twins and Odin declares that Lemeter is his wife.

B:31. This good news when delivered back to the war giants lifts their spirits and they revolt.

B:32. The Odin and the war giants are able to reach the fortress above and free Lemeter from the prison.

B:33. But on the escape Mars strikes down Lemeter with this lightning bolts.

B:34. Lemeter falls limp in Odin's arms. Her blood fills the world as water and her body fills the world with life.

B:35. And her last breath forms the Aelf, spirits of nature. These spirits forming clouds surround the titans and steal the crowns from their heads.

B:36. This once baron middle lands grows almost instantly into a paradise. All types of life emerge on the world, including elves.

B:37. The first Oak tree grows around Odin and forms a Aegis of Oak to protect him and a cloak of leaves to hide him. Both a final gift from his wife.

B:38. The titan continue killing the remaining war giants. To save the war giants Odin takes away the war giants size changing them into dwarves.

B:39. Now they are so small the titans can barely find them and they are able to sneak away back into the mines unseen.

B:40. Odin takes the newly born elves and hides them in distant mountains and covers them with the cloak of leaves they they will not be discovered.

B:41. Odin then returns to face the Titans. He catches them alone and defeating them one on one. Odin flings them into the sky to forever imprison them as constellations.

B:42. But mars will not face Sir Odin and flees to the west. Odin chases mars west toward desert of the moon.

B:43. He knows by the law of balance of the cosmos that he does not belong here.

B:44. Demons attack Odin but are unable to penetrate the aegis of oak and they quickly flee.

B:45. Odin then hears the scream of pain . He screams lead him to a black castle. The demons are unable to stop Odin for his armor is awesome. Here is finds the tortured Ares the First Mage captured in shackles.

B:46. As he releases the unconscious mage he hears a voice say, " This is my world, I am Set the Demon God. You will scream in pain as Ares did then I will eat you and gain your powers just as I plan to do to Ares".

B:47. A great snake strikes from the darkness and spits poison, but the aegis of oak protects Odin. He then realizes that this snake is Set. Set grabs Odin in his jaws but is unable to break through the Aegis. But Odin is helpless to strike back in this position.

B:48. Suddenly Ares leaps onto the snake and whips his chains around its throat. Set the snake falls to the ground dead.

B:49. "I am Ares the First Mage true ruler of the forest of the sun. I was seeking my sister who is the princess of the Fae.

B:50. Ares tells Odin that his sister is being held prisoner by the Titans and he must save her. Odin then tells Ares the sad story of his sisters fate. Ares and Odin agree to work together to bring Justice to the Titans.

B:51. Ares leads Odin to his magical chariot and flies Odin to the burning remains of Suunmore where Odin recovers Calibur, his spear, and his army of Archeons that he left to protect it.

B:52. Odin's army of Archons fall onto the middle lands. The giants are forced to live on the far north edges of the midland. the dragons flee into the mountains

B:53. Odin and Ares together track down and defeat mars. Odin flings them into the sky to forever imprison them as constellations.

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