DarkDIRE: Currently In Development

Development Plans For the Future

Last Updated: March 9th 2019

*Add a new skill: diplomacy. It will be used in quest conversations.
*An aleya spirit will be added for every damage type in the game.
*The procedurally generated city of "Blackshield Keep" will be updated to a Rank 10 Premade city with these new features:
*The procedurally generated city of "Wesleyan" will be updated to a rank 10 Premade city with these new features:

Updates In the Next Release

DarkDIRE 1.29.172 Jousting Lance (May 2019)

Last Updated: April 8th 2019

Beta Version (1.29.172) Now Available on Steam for Windows/Linux/Mac/Google Play/Android TV!

*To survive you must now find food and eat:

*Game Content Updates, if released, will now be much smaller in size. (DONE)
*Added new Pyramid-like world objects. (DONE)
*Map Files and Quest Files now can place specfic items in world containers (Bookcases, chests, cupboards, desks, etc). (DONE)
*Map Files and Quest Files now can place specfic items in NPC's inventorys. (DONE)
*Added a new quest with Anda to find an object in a cupboard. (DONE)
*1 of the 12 Coat of Arms can now be added to horse's/unicorn's armor. (DONE)
*Text size/horizontal text spacing can now be adjusted in the display menu when in desktop mode (F7 Key on Steam Version). (DONE)
*Premade Cities will now remember chest contents when the "Protect Premade Cities" feature is on. (DONE)
*Exorcist Balm will now be correctly labeled as being in a jar instead of a potion. (DONE)
*Fixed a bug with some food effect's duration being too short. (DONE)
*Fixed a bug with some items/traps appearing inside solid objects. (DONE)
*Right-click movement will now stop casting as orginally intended. (DONE)
*Adjusted NPC casting times. (DONE)
*The edge of kingdoms will no longer completely cover everything else displayed on the screen. (DONE)
*Area of Effect Spell Explosions will display properly again. (DONE)
*New animations added: Character movement with weapon drawn. (DONE)
*Some resources names have been swapped so leather is always applied to armors. These are the changes: (DONE)
*Can no longer take quest bodyguards out of the kingdom. Which they only attack quest enemies anyway so there was no point in them leaving the kingdom where the quest was active. (DONE)
*Added a flag to character files to help detect if they are corrupted. If corrupted, the game will load a backup file of the same character. The game keeps up to 4 backup copies of all characters.(DONE)
*Startup screen background dragon updated for the new Jousting Lance version. (DONE)

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