DarkDIRE: Currently In Development

Development Plans For the Future

Last Updated: Ocotober 7 2019

We are looking for bugs to crush under our feet and swish between our toes! Also suggestions on how to improve the game are always welcome. Most of the updates listed in the next release (See Below) are from player suggestions.

Contact counterparry@gmail.com to report any bugs you find and any suggestions.

Updates In the Next Release

Last Updated: October 30 2019

*Larger view of the world so more tiles can be seen on the screen. You can use the zoom feature in the display settings to zoom back the older zoom if you don't like this larger view. (DONE)
*NPCs will now spawn and aggro at a greater distance from the player and lower rank NPC movement speeds have been increased. (DONE)
*Improve pathfinding for NPCs. (DONE)
*Change movement from arrow keys to WASD keys. Key settings can be set by user if you don't like this change. (DONE)
*Now get invites for online servers by just pushing the "Get Invite" button on the server selection screen. (DONE)
*Vampires will now carry Bottles of Vampire Blood which can be used by the player to get the curse of vampirism or if used by vampires as a healing potion. (DONE)
*Werewolves, wererats, and werebears will now drop bloody meat that can be eaten to get this curse as well. (DONE)
*Administrators can now make skillbooks with admin commands (DONE).
*Items dropped on the ground will now disappear faster in premade cities. (DONE)
*Added job board and coin exchange in Grifmae Valley's TradeUnion outpost. (DONE)
*BUG FIX: Characters with crime will lose the class Criminal when returning to a legal status. (DONE)
*Add a new store "Bookstore" which will mostly sell skillbooks. Libraries will still give away free skillbooks. (DONE)
*BUG FIX: adding too much gold to a city will no longer flip it into the negative numbers. (DONE)
*BUG FIX: Was unable to destroy trees or other nature objects in premade cites when City Protection is active. (DONE)
*"Administrator World Building" screen will be much more user-friendly. Eventually we wish for players to be able to easily make game content for their servers or share with the community.

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