DarkDIRE: Currently In Development

DarkDIRE: Currently In Development

DarkDIRE 1.30 The Druid's Staff (No Release Date)

Last Updated: January 30th 2019

*Maps and quests will be able to stock bookcases, desk, chests, etc with predefined items.
*Add the next new elemental aleya.
*Add a new premade city "Blackshield Keep". A rank 10 city that will be the home of the sword in the stone and capital of the nation Blackshield Keep.
*Add a new premade city "Wesleyan", a rank 10 city that is the capital of The Great Empire. The city has been overran by undead. Lead a group of adventurers and take the city back block by block.
*Add the last crafting bosses into the game, a master gem cutter and a master fletcher.
*Thief NPCs that are hiding that sneak around for characters with tracking skill to locate and defeat. They will carry more valuable loot.
*New quest for swordmasters to forge a special sword for their skill.
*More red style armor for the Temple of Lady Gabrielle.
*Add more features for grouping: send invites to player in other areas and group chat channel.

DarkDIRE 1.25 The Druid's Staff (March 2019)

Currently available as beta version on windows version of Steam.

Last Updated: Feb 19th 2019

*Cooking Added:

*Sword of Torn Questline:
*Expanded NPC pathfinding for future content development.
*Added shaking effect to some world objects when they are used.
*Improved the "Protect Premade Cities Mode".
*Added drums sound effect for drums of war before and during a raid.
*Added arrowhead crafting to the crafting screens.
*All procedurally generated kingdoms will now have areas rich of crafting resources. These areas can be found by using a compass.
*Added 9 new procedurally generated kingdoms that can be reached thru travelings posts. These kingdoms can be used to find crafting resources.
*Character attack points and defend points (Some skills use these at higher levels) have been combined into just attack points.

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