DarkDIRE: Lore: The Second Age

DarkDIRE: Lore

SECOND AGE: The Age of Man

NOTE: This is an *extremely* rough draft containing mistakes. Also this timeline may change in future versions. This was released early while still in a rough form per player request.

Year 1: Odin finds the lake in a western distant land where fragment of Calibur lays. A cloaked figure appears and warns Odin that the lake is protected by a warrior maiden before he vanishes. As Odin enters the lake he is attacked by a warrior maiden goddess dressed in furs She is strong but Odins Aegis of Oak blocks her attacks. Odin knocks the maiden to the ground and attempts to finish her with Calibur but Calibur refuses to strike and Calibur reveals that the maiden and the cloaked figure is Odin's twin children. The maiden is Juno the warrior maiden and Tyr the peaceful are his two children, they are protectors of a tribe of humans who are Odin's mortal children.

Year 2: Odin summons one of this most powerful archeons, Angel Nike and a powerful Aelf Gabriel. He shapeshifts them both into human form and knights them, Sir Nike the White Protector and Lady Gabriel the Golden Protector. He charges Nike protect the humans and teach them of civilization. Lady Gabriel is to serve Juno and Tyr as Kronus serves Ares.

Year 3: Odin wades into the lake and recovers the fragment of Calibur. He takes it to the greatest of the dwarven blacksmith in Optimus Keep. It takes 100 years to forge the holy metal into two swords.

Year 4: As a gift to their father, Tyr and Juno found the first Church of The All-Father. In appreciation, Odin gives Juno the Aegis of Oak and Tyr the Cloak of Leaves.

Year 6: Tyr also teaches some of the priests of the church to become wandering monks to spread the church to all lands. Tyr teaches the first Monks to fight unarmed without weapons to defend themselves.

Year 10: The first human CityState is formed, Weslesyan

Year 15: The first humans leave the Wesleyan as monks

Year 16: Monks found the first elven church in Laelion.

Year 17 Monks found the first dwarven Church in Optimus' Keep.

Year 18: Orcs first appear from the north and attack the Wesleyan but are driven away by Odin and Juno.

Year 19: Juno teaches some of the priests to become paladins to protect the church. Nike forms the Order of the white knights to protect the Wesleyan

Year 20-80: Humans spread forming new city-states: Nike helps found Dalton, Juno helps found Diana, Tyr helps found West Keep, and Lady Gaberial forms Deep Springs

Year 102: Sir Gvon arrives in the Western Kingdom and presents Odin with two swords, Recalibur and Excalibur. The dwarves took a hundred years to forge these weapons. Sir Gvon return to the dwarves. The dwarves reveal they have now several new underground cities forming the Underland Empire.

Year 103: In a coming of age celebration for Tyr and Juno, Odin presents Recalibur to his daughter Juno, and Excalibur to his son Tyr.

Year 104: Orcs attack the West Keep. Tyr the Monk is there and with Excalibur, he single handed slays the orc army. He then promised a future of peace and throws Excalibur into a lake and the arm of an aelf winter spirit, Lady Michelle, reaches up and catches it. Tyr explains that the sword will return to this world when it is truly needed.

Year 110: Afraid that his unarmed monks of the church will not be able to protect themselves from the new orc threat, Tyr begins working on a form of sword fighting style to teach his monks.

Year 111: Frustrated with the balance of conventional swords, Tyr carves the first Tachi out of an oak branch.

Year 112: Tyr finishes developing his sword fighting style, called Swordmastery. He teaches his monks in the West Keep how to use sword mastery with Tachi.

Year 114: Odin Tyr and Lady Gabriel to travel to the Elven Kingdom. Leaving Sir Nike and his white knights to protect the humans 5 city states. Juno heads north and finds new followers among the forgotten giants.

Year 115: Tyr' teaches sword mastery to the elven monks with some slight changes including a single-handed version of the Tachi called the katana.

Year 116: Juno returns and begins the tradition of paladins in the elven church.

Year 117: The elven blacksmith's with Ares help forge 3 Vorpal Katanas and 3 Vorpal Tachi. The katanas go to the elven Chruch, but the Tachi is given to Tyr as gifts for the human Church.

Year 118: Tyr returns to the western kingdom with the Tachis. Juno and Odin go to the Dwarves to begin the tradition of paladins. Lady Gaberial stays with the elves to help continue to teach sword mastery.

Year 119: Tyr returns to find Orcs attacking the West Keep. He gives the Tachi swords to the lead monks of the church and leads them to defeat the orcs once more. After the orcs are defeated, Tyr intrusts the church monks with the Tachi swords and Tyr is last seen with his original oak Tachi strapped to his back wandering into the forest. This starts the tradition of wandering swordmaster monks. Tyr is never seen again.

Year 200: The Monk named Yore steals the 3 Tachis from the human church and a group of monks led by Xiang go after them. They never return (far Eastern kingdoms)

Year 997: Dragons attack Laelion. Lady gab and Lady Selena defend the city. Ares is kidnaped. Lady gab forms an army of elven soldiers and leads them against the dragons to save Ares. Lady gab and the army of elves never return.

Year 998: Odin and Juno return from the dwarves. Odin angered by the dragons seeks the dragons source. Juno remains to protect the elves with Lady Selena.


Odin finds the source of the dragons in the desert and Invoke the dragon charter. Of the three head dragons: 2 become golden dragons the other is Taurus

Odin sends one dragon to Juno and uses the other to chases Taurus all the way to the moon. but when he arrives on the moon is met by an undead version of Ares.

Ares tricks Odin into dropping his spear and unmounting his dragon to help him. Then he says "I was infused with the remains of Set, I am now Ares-Set.

Odin without his spear is attacked by Taurus, the queen dragon god, Ares-Set, the undead god. Odin is shacked in the same shackles that once held Ares.

Odin tries to reach his old friend Ares, but Ares-Set now is fully evil.

Just as Ares-Set is about to finish Odin, Juno crashes the cavern carrying both Calibur and Recalibur riding her golden dragon.

Taurus strikes first at Juno and the Aegis of Oak deflects her blow. Juno waves Recalibur toward Taurus and she is thrown back.

Juno then waves Calibur, Odin's spear, toward Ares-Set and he is thrown back. Juno unshackles Odin and hands him his spear.

Taurus the great queen dragon god and Juno lock into combat. The battle between Juno and Taurus lead from the moon across the middle lands and finally, Juno throws Taurus into the Sun.

Odin thrusts Calibur through Ares-Set and seals him into the wall of the moon. Odin knows that Ares-Set will not die and to be sure that he never will threaten his world again must leave Calibur here to seal Ares-Set into the wall forever. Ares-Set speaks a curse, onto the Middle lands he sends his spirit under the name of 'Baal'.

Now that Odin is unarmed, Fenrir the snake son of Set strikes from behind and poisons Odin. Odin's golden dragon attacks Fenrir. Fenrir retreats from the dragon. The dragon takes the poisoned Odin back to the middle lands.

Juno, the virgin warrior goddess, must remain forever above Sunmore riding her golden dragon, watching for Taurus, forcing her back into sun whenever she tries to emerge from the flames.

Kronus the grand apprentice looks for his allies, he cannot find anyone. Lady Selena or Sir Nike or Sir Gvom. The archeons don't answer their calls. They have gone missing. Ares is Ares-Set. Odin is poisoned. Juno is protecting the world from Taurus return. Tyr just walked away. Lady Gabriel is missing. Lady Selena vanished as did Sir Nike and Gvom.

The priests of the church lost most of there power, no longer able to communicate with All-father Odin.

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