DarkDIRE: Lore: The Myth of Sir Odin and The Dragon

DarkDIRE: Lore

The Myth of Sir Odin and The Dragon

NOTE: This is a rough draft containing mistakes. Also story may change in future versions. This was released early while still in a rough form per player request.

A:00. Suunmore, Autumwyn, Wintenydd, Warguard, and Heavae are the five higher planes of existence that are ruled by good.

A:01. These five planes are ruled by two spirits who live atop the highest plane, Heavae.

A:02. These spirits are known as Rii, meaning righteousness and Jui, meaning justice.

A:03. An ancient silver lion, who wears many scars of battle, arrives at the gates leading up into the Heavae.

A:04. This old lion is one of the three protectors of the higher planes. He normally stands guard in the middle lands.

A:05 The middle land is the plain of existence that separates the higher planes from the lower planes.

A:06. The silver lion tells the two spirits of his recent defeat. A great serpent after defeating him in the middle lands had pushed its way into the higher planes.

A:07. Rii eases the mind of the old lion. After a moment Jui gives him a task. Jui ask him to take her infant son, Odin, to Warguard the home of the seraphim.

A:08. Rii tells the lion that his son is to be trained as a knight for he will one day face this serpent.

A:09. The young Odin rides the lion's back a great distance west to reach Warguard. Looking back at Heavae, it now appears as nothing but a star in the eastern sky.

A:10. The lion eventually reaches the gates of the Seraphim Knights. They take Odin without question for this been prophesied long ago.

A:11. The lion leaves west to once again stand as the guardian of the middle lands.

A:12. While growing into an adult, Odin through many trials and tribulations earns his right to knighthood.

A:13. Upon his knighthood, Odin is given the title Sir Odin the Just. During this ceremony, he also receives a spear, armor, mount and a squire.

A:14. The spear is called Calibur. It is the greatest weapon of the seraphim. Forged from the essence of both the spirits of righteousness and justice long ago.

A:15. It is said that no evil can stand against Calibur.

A:16. The armored mount is Allwind, the swiftest, fastest and strongest charger ever to exist.

A:17. After a grand tournament of knightly games, a young seraphim named Rain with his charger True won the position as Sir Odin's squire.

A:18. Odin on Allwind's back and Rain on True's back depart Warguard.

A:19. They continue west such a great distance to reach Wintenydd that now Warguard appears as just a star in the eastern sky.

A:20. Sir Odin and Rain spend many long months trudging through the lands of Wintenydd bearing one winter storm after another.

A:21. Sir Odin and Rain soon find themselves in such a storm they can no longer see which way to continue.

A:22. Globes of light called wisps soon appear and lead Sir Odin and Rain through the storm.

A:23. They show them where to seek shelter and the best paths to traverse the many chains of mountains.

A:24. They eventually to reach to the western edge of Wintenydd were they find many lessor dragons frozen in ice unable to survive the harsh cold.

A:25. Sir Odin, Rain and a company of wisps leave Wintenydd and travel so far west to reach Autumwyn, now Wintenydd appears as just a star in the eastern sky.

A:26. Autumwyn once rich with nature now lies devastated by dragons.

A:27. The powerful nature powers of the Fae Princess, who was once the protector of these lands, has completely faded.

A:28. Despite the destruction, Odin is soon greeted and welcomed by a few remaining Fae, the race of fairies that inhabit in Autumwyn.

A:29. The Fae are in mourning not only for their lands and people but also for The Fae Princess. They explain to Sir Odin that the dragons kidnapped her.

A:30. Promising to find the princess, Odin prepares for battle.

A:31. He dresses in his armor and wields his spear for the first time. Sir Odin orders his squire Rain to stays behind and protects the remaining Fae.

A:32. On Allwind's back and with his company of wisps, Sir Odin heads west following a path of devastation.

A:33. Many times he charges into battle against dragons. Each time the dragon falls quickly to the incredible might of Calibur.

A:34. The devastation eventually leads him from Autumwyn all the way into Suunmore, the lowest of the high planes.

A:35. Now Autumwyn is so far east that it appears as nothing but a star in the sky.

A:36. Suunmore has also been laid to waste by dragons.

A:37. The magic that once illuminated this forest is long gone as is the Great All-Mage, who was once was the protector of Suunmore.

A:38. Then a thunderous voice echoes through the forest shaking the very lands. "Who dares trespass in my forest?"

A:39. Sir Odin responds, "Suunmore is a higher plane and ruled by righteousness and justice. You cannot be here. I was the son of the spirits will return you to your lower planes."

A:41. Thunderous laughter shakes the lands, "I will burn past the ice of Wintenydd and will smash the walls of Warguard.

A:42. Then I shall rule all that exists from the mountains of Heavae where righteous and justice now sit!"

A:43. The sky above Sir Odin erupts into dragon fire as a giant dragon lifts itself into the air filling the entire sky.

A:44. With a great roar, the beast commands an army of dragons to fall onto Sir Odin.

A:45. Sir Odin does not waver and charges with Allwind into the dragons.

A:46. Sir Odin's jousts into the thick of the dragon army with such a force, the entire army is hurled west through the air into the sky.

A:47 The army is thrown so far that they eventually land in the middle lands.

A:48. The giant dragon bellows loudly in anger causing the ground to shake again, "I cannot be defeated for I am Taurmax the Dire, father of all dragons."

A:49. The mammoth Taurmax grabs Odin with one of his claws and pulls him from Allwind's back.

A:50. Taurmax then sweeps his tail sending Allwind hurdling west through the air following the dragons into the middle lands.

A:51. Taurmax's claws gouge through Odin's armor deep into his chest. Odin responds by stabbing Calibur into the dragon's chest.

A:52. Taurmax's tough scales reflects Calibur, but both Taurmax's scales and Calibur crack from the blow.

A:53. The wisps then surround Taurmax to distract him so Sir Odin can try again.

A:54. Odin's blood flows from his wounds covering Calibur making it almost too slippery to hold.

A:55. Sir Odin manages frees himself enough from Taurmax the Dire's grip to again thrust his blood-soaked spear, Calibur.

A:56. The thrust against the dragon's scales stresses the spearhead breaking off a small fragment shooting it into the air toward the middle lands.

A:57 But the rest of Calibur drives true and breaks through the tough scales and into the dragon's heart and felling the dragon.

A:58. Immortal dragon fire erupts from Taurmax's chest covering Suunmore entirely with immortal flames. The eruption throws Sir Odin and Calibur into the air.

A:59. Sir Odin is left hurdling through the air directly toward the middle lands while Calibur begins to fall directly into the great fires now burning Suunmore.

A:60. Sir Odin's wisps split up. Some of the wisps fly after the spear and the others after Sir Odin.

A:61. But the wisps are just spirits and are unable to stop the descent of either.

A:62. Despite his wounds in a last desperate attempt Odin is able to command his blood left on the spear to mix with the some of the wisps.

A:63 These wisps are transformed into winged Archeons.

A:64. The newly formed Archeons are able to grab the spear before it falls to be forever lost in the flames.

A:65. The remaining wisps attempt to follow Odin but he is falling too fast.

A:66. It is even too fast for even Sir Odin to reclaim his spear or to command his newly born Archeons.

A:67. He eventually lands alone somewhere far below in the middle lands.

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