DarkDIRE: Lore: The First Age

DarkDIRE: Lore

FIRST AGE: The Age of Elves and Dwarves

NOTE: This is an *extremely* rough draft containing mistakes. Also this timeline may change in future versions. This was released early while still in a rough form per player request.

Year 1: Odin brings the elves from hiding in the forest. He teaches them civilization and the elves establish a city-state called Laelion. The elves name Sir Odin: All-father Odin.

Year 2: Ares joins Odin in Laelion and he begins to teach the elves how to use magic.

Year 4: To help Ares in teaching magic, Odin shape-shifts an archeon of lesser power named Angel Kronus into a Fae and knights him, Sir Kronus the Silver Protector.

Year 6: Sir Kronus is better known to the elves as The Grand Apprentice.

Year 25: Alone, an injured dwarf, Gerdonef, appears in Laelion seeking Odin. Odin and Ares leave Laelion with Gerdonef to search for the remaining dwarves. Before he leaves he shape-shifts an archeon named Angel Selena into an elf and knights her, Lady Selena the Green Protector. Sir Ares and Lady Selena are left to protect Laelion.

Year 26: Dragons attack Laelion. Lady Selena forms The Order of Green Knights to fight against the dragons. Sir Ares is able to summon a legion of Archeons from the sky and together they drive the dragons away.

Year 28: Spirits appear in Laelion. They reveal that they are Wood Aelf and the elves rejoice in there coming. The aelf teach the elves of nature.

Year 29: Odin and Ares arrive at Titan's mountain, the remains of the dark fortress where the titans once ruled. The mountain is covered with red dragons. Gerdonef leads Odin and Ares into the mines below where they find the dwarves. The dwarves rejoice in his arrival.

Year 30: Lead by Sir Odin and Ares, the dwarves attack the dragons of Titan's Mountain. The dragons are defeated.

Year 31: The dwarves begin building a fortress atop Titan's Mountain called Titan's Fall.

Year 32: Odin shape-shifts an archeon named Angel Gvon into a dwarf and knights him, Sir Gvon the Red Protector. Sir Gvon will serve as protector to the dwarves. Sir Gvon forms The Order of Red Knights to help protect the dwarves.

Year 41: With Titan's Fall fully built Odin and Ares leave to return to Laelion.

Year 42: Sir Odin arrives at Laelion to find that the city under again under siege of dragons. Odin and Ares defeat the dragons. Angry at the dragons, Sir Odin leaves alone to seek the leader of the dragons.

Year 44: Titan's Fall is attacked by a great red dragon named Optimus. After many casualties, Optimus is forced to retreat by Sir Gvon and the Red Knights.

Year 45: Sir Gvon and his knights track Optimus down to his lair, a cavern under a high peak in the dragon mountains. Optimus is defeated and the dwarves build their first underground home in Optimus's lair. They name their new home Optimus's Keep. From their experience fighting dragons and giants, the dwarves invented the trade of the dragon slayer and giant slayers.

Year 46: Odin arrives in the dragons mountains and he addresses the dragons directly. The dragon's charter reads that all dragons must leave to far away lands as the giants did or he will change the dragons to make them part of his new world.

Year 50: Fearing claims Odin made on the Dragon Charter, the last of the dragons leave these lands to live on the west edge of the world.

Year 60: Many of the dwarves of Titan's Fall relocate to the new city-state of Optimus Keep.

Year 70: Odin sends most of his time with both the elves and dwarves for the next 800 years.

Year 800: The last of the dwarves leave Titan's fall to live in the Optimus Keep. Titan's fall is now completely abandoned.

Year 900: A Wood Aelf spirit, Lady Zion, appears to Odin as a reflection in a lake and show him an image of the place where the fragment of Calibur that broke off during the fight with Taurmax the Dire landed and vanishes.

Year 999: Haunted of visions of the fragment, Odin finally leave Laelion and begins searching all of the middle lands for the lake shown to him by Lady Zion.

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