DarkDIRE: Class List

DarkDIRE: Class List

Villain Class

A player vs player class that requires 10000 crime.

Class Requirements: (10000 Crime)

Tradesman Class

Tradesman/women are often found running shops and crafting stations.

Female equivalent:Tradeswoman

Class Requirements: (Blacksmithing Skill or Tailoring Skill or Fletching Skill or Alchemy Skill or Gem Cutting Skill)

Knight Class

Once all knights followed the code of chivalry and served the Church of the All-Father. Still of noble blood, now most knights are just glorified mercenaries for hire that just serve there local land baron.

Class Requirements: (Sword Skill)(Heavy Armor Skill)(Blocking Skill)

Templar Class

All templars are sworn to serve the temple with zeal and passion. They are willing to die for the temple without question. The templar is feared by all. They are known to burn anyone to death that dares stand against them without a second thought.

Class Requirements: (Two-Handed Sword Skill)(Heavy Armor Skill)(Prior of The Temple Skill)

Samurai Class

The eastern nation of New Xianga with it's army of samurai has recently revealed itself the the world. Samurai have been seen travelling the lands searching for a ancient holy artifact stolen from their homeland.

Class Requirements: (Nation: New Xianga) (Race: Human)(Sword Skill or Two-Handed Sword Skill)(Weapon-Master Skill)(Swordmaster Skill)(Medium Armor Skill)

Soldier Class

Soldiers are peasants with some fighting skill who were recruited into their kingdom's army.

Class Requirements: (Sword Skill or Axe Skill or Hammer Skill or Two-Handed Sword Skill or Two-Handed Axe Skill or Two-Handed Hammer Skill or Pole Weapons Skill)

Swordsman Class

Devoting their lives to they study of the the art of the swordmaster, swordsmen/ladies often travel the lands seeking enemies to test out their skills against.

Female equivalent:Swordslady

Class Requirements: (Sword Skill or Two-Handed Sword Skill)(Swordmaster Skill)

Barbarian Class

Savage and wild, barbarians will rage in battle to protect their tribes from harm.

Class Requirements: (Axe Skill or Two-Handed Axe Skill)(Medium Armor Skill)

Giant-Slayer Class

The dwarves have developed secret skills and tactics that they use to defeat enemy giants.

Class Requirements: (Race: Dwarf)(Pole Weapons Skill)(Heavy Armor Skill)

Dragon-Slayer Class

The dwarves have developed secret skills and tactics that they use to defeat powerful dragons.

Class Requirements: (Race: Dwarf)(Pole Weapons Skill)(Heavy Armor Skill)

Thief Class

Hiding in the shadows, you will probably backstab and steal from your mother if you thought she had a single gold coin.

Class Requirements: (Dagger Skill)(Rogue Skill)

Ranger Class

A secret brotherhood developed by the elves to defend the hidden elven kingdoms.

Class Requirements: (Archery Skill)(Scouting Skill)(Druid of Mother Lemeter Skill)

Hunter Class

A class originally created to provide for a family. It is also proven very effective against enemies of the kingdom.

Class Requirements: (Archery Skill)(Trapping Skill)

Assassin Class

Your skill in poison is unmatched by any other. This skill is also for hire to the highest bidder.

Class Requirements: (Assassination Skill)

Bowman Class

The skill of archery is your passion. You now use it to defend your kingdom.

Female equivalent:Bowwoman

Class Requirements: (Archery Skill)

Swashbuckler Class

The skill of fencing is your passion. You now use it to defend your kingdom.

Class Requirements: (Sword Skill)(Rogue Skill)

Warrior Class

Your living is made with the skill in your very strong right weapon arm.

Class Requirements: (1st Skill Strength Based)

Rogue Class

Few people feel as if you can be trusted, but your dexterity gets your through life.

Class Requirements: (1st Skill Dexterity Based)

Cleric Class

You live your life to help others with the faith that this will be its own reward.

Class Requirements: (1st Skill Faith Based)

Magic-User Class

You are a student of all magics.

Class Requirements: (1st Skill Intelligence Based)

Wizard Class

You have devoted your life to the study of wizardry.

Class Requirements: (Wizardry Skill)

Sorcerer Class

You have devoted your life to the study of sorcery.

Class Requirements: (Sorcery Skill)

Necromancer Class

You have secretly devoted yourself to the study necromancy, a forbidden form of magic that deals with controlling death.

Class Requirements: (Necromancy Skill)

Elementalist Class

You have devoted your life in studying one of the four branches of elemental magic.

Class Requirements: (Earth Elementalist Skill or Fire Elementalist Skill or Cold Elementalist Skill or Lightning Elementalist Skill)

Warlock Class

You have been born with the gift/curse of the psion. You only wish that one day you learn to control it.

Class Requirements: (Race: Human)(Psion Skill)

ArchMage Class

You study the ways wizardry and sorcery can be combined into one form of magic. Many believe that is is too much for one person to master.

Class Requirements: (Wizardry Skill)(Sorcery Skill)

Healer Class

You have devoted your life to healing the sick and injured.

Class Requirements: (Healing Skill)

Priest Class

The priest spreads the teachings of the All-Father and the church.

Female equivalent:Priestess

Class Requirements: (Healing Skill)(Priest of All-Father Odin Skill)

Druid Class

The druid spreads the teachings of Mother Lemeter and her aelf spirits of nature.

Class Requirements: (Healing Skill)(Druid of Mother Lemeter Skill)

Paladin Class

The paladin is the follower of the Warrior Goddess Juno and the All-Father.

Class Requirements: (Heavy Armor Skill)(Healing Skill)(Blesser of Juno Skill)

Monk Class

The monk is the follower of Tyr the first monk and the All-Father.

Class Requirements: (Healing Skill)(Monk Skill)

Acolyte Class

The acolytes are enslaved to follow the evil Ares-Set and bring destruction to the world.

Class Requirements: (Healing Skill)(Slave of Ares-Set Skill)

Deacon Class

The deacon spreads the teachings of Taurus, the daughter of the first dragon, Taurmax the Dire.

Female equivalent:Deaconess

Class Requirements: (Healing Skill)(Dragon Worshipper Skill)

Reverend Class

The reverend is the religious leader for the undead.

Class Requirements: (Healing Skill)(Curses of Baal Skill)

Shaman Class

Shamans are found in tribal nations as their primary healer and religious leader.

Female equivalent:Shamaness

Class Requirements: (Healing Skill)(Shaman Skill)

Cultist Class

The cultist still believe that the titans will return to rule the middle lands again.

Class Requirements: (Healing Skill)(Follower of The Titans Skill)

Prior Class

The prior spreads the teachings of Lady Gabrielle and the temple through fire.

Class Requirements: (Healing Skill)(Prior of The Temple Skill)

Dark Monk Class

The dark monks have stolen the monks fighting skills and use it to protect the Dark Clan.

Class Requirements: (Nation: Dark Clan)(Unarmed Skill)(Swordmaster Skill)(Assassination Skill)(Monk Skill)

Exorcist Class

The exorcist was a skillset created by the church to rid the world of undead.

Class Requirements: (Exorcism Skill)

Inquisitor Class

The inquisitors were created by the Emperor Richard Dragonscale of the Great Empire to server has his personal bodyguard.

Class Requirements: (Nation: The Great Empire)(Heavy Armor Skill)(Scouting Skill)

Bard Class

The bard has learned to combined his skills in music and the arts with magic.

Class Requirements: (Rhyming Skill)

Ninja Class

The ninja is the primary foot soldier of the Dark Clan.

Class Requirements: (Nation: The Dark Clan)(Rogue Skill)

Farmer Class

The farmer can extract city food resources from farms.

Class Requirements: (Two-Handed Hammer Skill)

Woodcutter Class

The woodcutter can extract city lumber resources from trees.

Class Requirements: (Axe Skill)

Miner Class

The miner can extract city stone resources from rocks.

Class Requirements: (Two-Handed Axe Skill)

Treasure Hunter Class

The treasure hunter can extract city treasure resources from graves.

Class Requirements: (Pole Weapons Skill)

Peasant Class

The peasant is normally a person that has no usable skill or a skill that isn't accepted in their kingdom.

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