DarkDIRE: Guide To Crafting:

DarkDIRE: Guide To Crafting

DarkDIRE has a crafting system that allows the player to craft gear specifically tailored to their character build. There are five different crafting skills:

The best option for crafting is to build level up a character focusing on one of the crafting skills. But this is time-consuming so you can hire NPC crafters to craft gear. Regular NPCs will never have the skill to create the best gear though. The exception to this is NPC Crafting Bosses. They have the same skill level as a well-built player crafter. But they may be hard to find or reach. Crafting bosses if killed will not respawn.

Crafters will need a crafting tool to craft. NPC crafters will automatically have one in their inventory. Player crafters best bet to get a tool is to kill an enemy NPC crafter and take theirs. Blacksmiths require a blacksmithing hammer. Tailors require a sewing needle. Fletchers require a fletching knife. Alchemists require a mortar and pestle. Gem cutters require a gem cutting tool.

To craft an item you will need a recipe for the item. Recipes spawn randomly in bookcases and NPC occasionally will drop them on death. In the description of the recipe, you will find what crafting skill they work with and the crafting resources needed to create the item. The crafting resources listed on the recipe are random. So you may find another recipe to create the same item with crafting resource requirements that are easier to find. A recipe may require from one to four crafting resources.

Once you craft or have an item crafted it is an empty slate for adding magical effects with imbues. There is a limited number of times an item can be imbued. This is listed in the item description as crafts. For example, "Crafts (6)" means you can imbue the item 6 more times. Only a crafter that can craft the item can add an imbue to the item. For example, only a blacksmith can imbue a sword, only a tailor can imbue a shirt. Crafters with high skill are able to use the imbue with better results.

Imbues can only be created by alchemists. Imbues are created from crafting resources and an empty bottle. Not all crafting resources have magical effects. The crafting resources that do are listed with a "+(Insert Magic Effect Here)" in their item description. Some magical imbues can only be added to certain types of gear. Some magical imbues cannot be mixed with others. Also, an alchemist with higher skill can make a more powerful imbue.

Crafting resources are commonly gathered from the environment. Gathering returns city resources 100% of the time that can be donated to the kingdom for gold. But it will also return crafting resources frequently. Crafting resources will appear in your inventory until it is full and then will be dropped on the ground. Gathering requires the right tools:

Crafting resources can also be gained by salvaging existing equipment. It may take several times to salvage all the equipment from a piece of equipment.

Some crafting resources also come from certain animals.

Treasure chests may also randomly spawn crafting resources.

This is a list of crafting resources. It gives information on where to find them and what type of effect they will have.

Crafting Resources Found In Forest Biomes:

Hint: Use a traveling post to travel to Dalton to find these resources.

Forest Graves:

Forest Stone:

Oak Tree:

Crafting Resources Found In Plains Biomes:

Hint: Use a traveling post to travel to the Kingdom of Fane to find these resources.


Highland Rock:

Maple Tree:

Crafting Resources Found In Desert Biomes:

Hint: Use a traveling post to travel to the Jah-Sand Desert to find these resources.


Dry Stone:

Ashwood Tree:

Crafting Resources Found In Nature Biomes:

Hint: Use a traveling post to travel to the Kingdom of Learlbaer Herald to find these resources.


Lowland Rock:

Wisp Tree:

Crafting Resouces Found In Swamp Biomes:

Hint: Use a traveling post to travel to the Bloodgul Swamp to find these resources.

Engraved Stone:

Green Rock:

Weeping Willow Tree:

Crafting Resources Found In Lake Biomes:

Hint: Use a traveling post to travel to Union Port to find these resources.


Lake Rock:

Palm Tree:

Crafting Resources Found In Cold Mountain Biomes:

Hint: Use a traveling post to travel to Tribal Lands to find these resources.

Frozen Grave:

Mountain Rock:

Pine Tree:

Crafting Resources Found In Cave Biomes:

Hint: These resources are found in dungeons only.


Cave Rock:

Cave Root:

Crafting Resources Found In Ruins Biomes:

Hint: Use a traveling post to travel to Pickins to find these resources.

Ancient Marker:


Cedar Tree:

Crafting Resource Found In Undead Biomes:

Hint: Use a traveling post to travel to Death Reaches to find these resources.

Returning Stones:

Petrified Tree:

Obsidian Stone:

Crafting Resource Found From Animals:

Hint: Use your compass in procedurally generated kingdoms to find the "Local: Livestock" area. These areas will randomly have have one of the five listed animals here.






Crafting Resource From Salvaging Only:

Hint: Salvage the clothing looted from defeated zombies. NPC tailor crafters can salvage clothing for you. NPC gem-cutter crafters can salvage jewelry for you.



Crafting Resources From Summoned Equipment:

Crafting Resources From Quests or Extremely Rare:

Cooking Resources:

Hint: Vegetables and mushrooms are gathered with farming using a hoe. Vegetables are found above ground and mushrooms are found below ground in dungeons. Meat is dropped when a animal/monster is slain. Eggs will drop from females only.

Food: Vegetables:
Food: Mushrooms:
Food: Meats
Food: Eggs:

Forbidden Crafting Resources:

Hint: These resources are overpowered and will never appear in the game. Only an administrator can create them.

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